Umbro Elite X eau de toilette - £1 @ Poundland

Umbro Elite X eau de toilette - £1 @ Poundland

Found 9th Jan 2010
Not tried this so can't comment just saw it instore this morning.
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got some a few months ago, definitely get what you pay for!
Why do people post deals with variations of 'Haven't tried this' or 'Not sure if this is a good price' ?

And yes, it's a good alternative to screen wash in the current weather, good for little else.
Large range of this and others in 99p Store,they had about 15 mens aftershaves / sprays to choose from.
Cheap aftershave is fantastic, and has a number of great uses:

- Great for cleaning electrical contacts (I use it to clean edge connectors on SNES, Megadrive and NES carts, and arcade PCBs)
- Good for drying up spots. (Put some on the area before you go to bed)

Clearly the stuff's not worth using for what it's designed for, but it has other good uses
I think my friends would beat me up if they saw me spraying this on lol!
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