Umbro Elite X Eau de Toilette (Mens) 60ml 2 (potentially three) different scents (one of which is really nice) £1.00 @ poundland

Umbro Elite X Eau de Toilette (Mens) 60ml 2 (potentially three) different scents (one of which is really nice) £1.00 @ poundland

Found 15th Jun 2013
Comes in three different scents - the blue (Skill), the black (Power), the red (Speed). My local stocked the blue and red this time round.

This is not the first time they've stocked this (but first time in the last 6 months).
This is not the first time this deal has been posted (previously voted cold).

However, I believe this is a great deal because:
- 60ml of EDT for a quid. You literally cannot go wrong.
- Respectable brand - not designer, but not tramps' pi55 knock-offs either
- The blue is very nice. I'm not convinced by the red or the black, but taste is subjective. Before instinctively voting cold because you disagree with the concept of a £1 EDT from a sportswear manufacturer, I implore you to give the blue a sniff. (I did a bit of searching last time and found a forum of fragrance geeks who agreed the blue surpasses expectations, they too were unconvinced of the other smells though.)
- Cheap/disposable enough to leave spares in useful places (car, work etc). I know I'd rather smell like a pound of Umbro aftershave than a day's worth of sweat and grease down the pub after work.
- Small enough to smuggle through customs (hand luggage), cheap enough to not be bothered if it gets lost/confiscated.
- Excellent resale value if you have somewhere to flog it - minimum markup of 100% and the punter will still feel like they're bagging a bargain. (A guy on ebay has sold a set of all three for a tenner including postage, but as with all cheap products in national stores, the ebay market for sellers is a little saturated.)

The bottle is, like most other scents, made of glass, so could potentially be a handy addition to your man-bag as long as it doesn't get knocked about!

Plenty of stocks of the red and blue, none of the black this time - may differ in other stores. There were a couple of unbranded ones which didn't smell or look too great.
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