Umdah Mango Juice Drink (1 litre) @ ASDA
Umdah Mango Juice Drink (1 litre) @ ASDA

Umdah Mango Juice Drink (1 litre) @ ASDA

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1 Litre Mango Juice was advertised at 64p reduced from about £1.28, but scanned at 50p for me.

Can't find it on ASDA online store so may be store specific, mine was:

ASDA Hyson Green, Nottingham


Rubicon all the way plus its £0.99p no change of heat not voted hot or cold

I think there's an offer if you buy three, can't remember exact details as i bought them 2 weeks ago. Not very nice, but cheap enough.

tastes not very nice - you have been warned!

This tastes horrible with a nasty aftertaste sooner buy rubicon.

This is ****!

The way to know if a mango juice is good to look at % mango pulp used. Rubicon uses the highest among the UK manufactured ones .. 25% as far as I can remember.

If you can get your hands on Mazaa esp. ones from UAE which are sold in some Asian shops or Turkish shops, be sure to buy them. They are even heavenlier than Rubicon!

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you guys must be joking, i had the drink today and it tasted fine, and it has the same amount of pulp @ 23% as Rubicon.

It's the quality of the pulp and not quantity.
I agree with zahidworld.

there's an offer for a free tropicana juice carton worth £2 with today's times.

or so it says on the cover.

not sure where the coupon can be redeemed or whether it is today only.
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