'Unbranded' Rower, Body Sculpture BR-3050X @ TESCO - £83.03 total, inc postage & VAT reduction.

'Unbranded' Rower, Body Sculpture BR-3050X @ TESCO - £83.03 total, inc postage & VAT reduction.

Found 11th Jan 2009
Although unbranded on Tesco Direct, this is actually a weird hybrid of the Body Sculpture BR-3050X with the added pulse monitor feature of the BR-3050X-H. I mentioned this in my other post regarding the Body Sculpture BR2700, but after realising it was actually an unbranded Body Sculpture rower, I thought it deserved it's own post.

You cannot get this for less than £120 elswhere, and that's at sale price. Tesco themselves had these on sale for £120 previously (here: http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.203-7068.aspx)

£40 saving is quite good I thought. So good, after much debating, I finally ordered this myself.

I found this variation (below) on the same machine (but lacks the pulse monitor) on Amazon, again, £120.


Anyway, here's the spec's/description of the actual rower:

Body Sculpture Magnetic Rowing Machine

Brief Description: This quality rowing machine features light but strong construction providing durability, looks and super smooth operation. The easy to use computer monitors a variety of statistics and shows them on it's colour LCD display. The durable polyurethane slider wheels make for a smooth movement, and with the central pulley position make for a good rowing experience. The magnetic breaking system is surprisingly quiet if you're used to using air or water systems.

Storage is simple, this rower folds up around two hinges, and when you're ready folds back out in a moment. No disassembly/assembly required before exercise.

With these features the BR-3050 is a great buy.

Computer: This computer is simple to operate and has a clear LCD. It monitors and displays:

* Hand Pulse Monitor
* Scan
* Time
* Count
* Total Count
* Calories Used

Magnetic Breaking System: Magnetic breaking for greater control with quieter performance.

Slide Mechanism: The polyurethane provide smooth movement and great durability. The slide has a long easy movement for users of all heights and allows full leg involvement in the rowing stroke.

Seat: The seat is made of polyurethane, and is large and comfortable.

Storage: Hinged in two places, the unit folds away easily into a compact package (see images below for more detail).

Construction: Aluminium body, plastic cosmetics and control panel, foam coated handles, polyurethane slider wheels for durability and polyurethane seat.

Max User Weight: 120kgs

Gross Weight: 23.95kgs

Build Up Size: 173.5 x 51 x 46.5 cm

Fold Up Size: 81 x 51 x 115 cm
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Tesco web image of unbranded rower


Body Sculpture BR-3050X


Voted cold so far eh? :?

I don't get it. Perhaps exercise (or even the thought of it!) is just a no-go area for users of this forum? :lol:

If this were a half price Pot Noodle I bet the rating would be at boiling point by now!
I just got an air rower 2nd hand off ebay for £36..now THAT'S a hot deal! :thumbsup:
Care to give us a peek at your new rower? ;-)

Remember, this is brand new not second hand (which are usually a one-off price anyways), with warranty and the usual right to return if not happy with it's functioning etc.
Yeah exactly. You can't compare price for new with 2nd hand :roll: This is a great price. Voted hot :thumbsup:
I agree. You have to compare like with like. 2nd hand is not a comparison. It could fall to bits in 2 weeks and you would lose all your money, plus any return would cost you dearly in postage. eBay is always a risk, and that's why you can get things cheaper. Tesco brand new is the safer option.
Good price - voted hot
though prefer using ]this

Good price - voted hotthough prefer using ]this

Ideally, I'd like on of those myself. The C2's seem to be what everyone wants.

Delivery on this is a little slow. Estimated delivery is this Friday. I'll post on the quality of this for future reference, if ever someone happens across this post itn the future ;-)
Just got my rower today, have assembled it - first impressions are quite alright
Thought the resistance would be pants, but it's actually quite good
My main problem at the moment is the foot plates - my feet keep slipping out as the plates are too small!!!
Thanks for posting your thoughts! How are you finding it noise-wise?
.It's VERY quiet compared to all the fan rowers i've used, noise isnt a problem at all
Was easy to put together, doesn't require that much room, is a little heavier than I thought it would be, but I guess thats a good thing
Am happy with the purchase, will definately be keeping it
cool, ordered mine. thanks!
Bought one 2nd hand for my son at £30. OK but juddering felt in handle when in use
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