Unbreakable - Collectors edition (2disk) only £3.73 @ Powerplay Direct
Unbreakable - Collectors edition (2disk) only £3.73 @ Powerplay Direct

Unbreakable - Collectors edition (2disk) only £3.73 @ Powerplay Direct

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dont forget quidco

In Unbreakable, writer-director M. Night Shyamalan reunites with Sixth Sense star Bruce Willis, comes up with another story of everyday folk baffled by the supernatural (or at least unknown-to-science) and returns to his home town, presenting Philadelphia as a wintry haunt of the bizarre yet transcendent. This time around, Willis (in earnest, agonised, frankly bald Twelve Monkeys mode) has the paranormal abilities, and a superbly un-typecast Samuel L. Jackson is the investigator who digs into someone else's strange life to prompt startling revelations about his own. David Dunn (Willis), an ex-jock security guard with a failing marriage (to Robin Wright Penn), is the stunned sole survivor of a train derailment. Approached by Elijah Price (Jackson), a dealer in comic book art who suffers from a rare brittle bone syndrome, Dunn comes to wonder whether Price's theory that he has superhuman abilities might not hold water. Dunn's young son Joseph (Spencer Treat Clark) encourages him to test his powers and the primal scene of Superman bouncing a bullet off his chest is rewritten as an amazing kitchen confrontation when Joseph pulls the family gun on Dad in a desperate attempt to convince him that he really is unbreakable (surely, "Invulnerable" would have been a more apt title). Half-convinced he is the real-world equivalent of a superhero, Dunn commences a never-ending battle against crime but learns a hard lesson about balancing forces in the universe.




Love this film...so much better than Sixth Sense

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i think sixth sense is better

..the ending is great though!

Outstanding film. Watchmen is truly going to have a hard time beating this as a quality hero film. Unbreakable is perhaps the best mature superhero style film out there. So glad they did not make a series and screw it up.

Hot deal at this price.

Stunning film - heat added, though not buying (will wait till its a quid!!)

Quidco is 4%, so brings it down to £3.60 - even better...

great price,
abomination of a 'director' now found out fianlly after 9 years with his last film

Good film but not as good as The Sixth Sense IMHO.

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Good film but not as good as The Sixth Sense IMHO.



Boring film.



I picked the blue-ray up the other day for a tenner from CEX. M. Night Shyamalan has only made two decent films; Sixth Sense and this. Personally I think Unbreakable is superior, but each to their own. I have to agree with an earlier comment about being glad that this was'nt made into a series of films. Can you image Bruce Willis in tights :w00t:. I'd rather not thank you very much!
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