Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (non platinum) PS3 £6.95 with code @ VERY.CO.UK
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (non platinum) PS3 £6.95 with code @ VERY.CO.UK

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (non platinum) PS3 £6.95 with code @ VERY.CO.UK

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Using the "ZQ477" code it allows you to buy this game for £6.95 delivered.

PLUS 8% QUIDCO to bring price down by 50p!

Wicked price for a wicked game. PLUS IT ISNT PLATINUM VERSION!!!


Got a feeling it's gonna get cold in here

Original Poster

why though? isnt it a cheap deal?

It's Very / Littlewoods, they aren't so honourable with the vouchers, if they are used when they shouldn't be, and will later on charge you full price for it


why though? isnt it a cheap deal?

Two words. Avoid Littlewoods.

Better explanation: They will reclaim the discount you received. So not really a bargain.

Codes + Very = Cold

Basically there have been so many cases of people on here using codes then at a later date getting billed for the value of the code (some even reporting they have been threatened with legal action) that any deal involving the use of a code at Very will go cold unless it is very clear that the code is being used for the intended purpose.

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why was the code voted hot if you cant use it? i am using it for an intended purpose... to buy a game!

But codes with Very need to be issued to you, unless they are generic ones found on the very website for everyone...

They have a tendency to check

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i still dont understand why the code was voted hot then, as it wasnt a generic one.

so what exactly can we use this code for?

That I couldn't say, I don't hang out in the voucher side of the site. Probably because the voucher, if it's been issued to you, just for new users or is generic, is in itself a good deal

It's just that's it's Very doing the voucher issuing and thru past experience they aren't so good

Honoured to be the one to take this past -100

Appalling company - codes or not.

i can't complain about very.co.uk , i bought my ps3 250gb with 2 games last year (on christmas) for £228, got 2x £20 live cards for £5 each ...
they charging full price in begining,and later doing a refund for that difference. and i will go for this deal
aswell good find
p.s. voted very hot

code work for me voted hot

A member for 2 years, yet has never noticed Littlewoods the codes reception they are given ;-)
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