Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer - Was £99.95 Then £89.99 Now £79.99 @ Amazon
Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer - Was £99.95 Then £89.99 Now £79.99 @ Amazon

Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer - Was £99.95 Then £89.99 Now £79.99 @ Amazon

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Manufacturer's Description
The Star Wars Force Trainer allows you to control a Jedi Training Remote with your mind. The innovative wireless headset reads and interprets your brainwaves. The deeper your concentration, the greater your ability to move the Jedi Training Remote. Jedi Master Yoda guides you through 15 levels of Force training as you move from Padawan to the highest rank of Jedi Master. The set features Star Wars sound effects and exclusive Yoda dialogue.
Can this be real? Yes! Utilising advanced dry neural sensor technology, the Star Wars Force Trainer headset interprets your brainwaves. This information is translated into a digital signal and sent to the Training Tower, causing the Jedi Training Remote to rise and fall.

Box Contains

1 x Jedi Training Remote
1 x Training Tower

I know this is the deal of the century, please don't make it too hot too quickly...


is this for real?!?

voted hot because it sounds cool!

Uncle Milton?! :lol:

Wasnt he the Womble obsessed with cleaning? Or was he the uncle you were told never to sit on his knee? :?

Is this like the Car Racing game they play on that BBC 3 show 'clever vs stupid'?

This is one of the big christmas gifts they were talking about earlier in the year isn't it? Interesting stuff. Beats Big Track i suppose.

I saw something similiar on the gadget show on Five but it had a moving ball, and cost something ridiculous like £1000. So if this has largely the same functionality, it could be a bargain on that count.

Very tempted!....perhaps suggest as an xmas prez from someone...

too tempted - must use the force to stop myself from buying.....

,,,,oh no - I have a weak mind......

WOW...all I can say is WOW! If only they would tweak the design so you can use the force to summon drinks and snacks...:whistling:

The force is strong in this one.

Now I know how Derren Brown *really* predicated the lottery!

Original Poster

I out this on here for a laugh, and little did I know, it's the hottest deal I've posted so far! Thanks all!

now 79.99

Original Poster

Title amended, thanks! Rep added!

just got this delivered today ,missing the ball ,
back it goes .looks cheap for the price .
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