Under £12 + Free Delivery - Two Switch Wheels @ ShopTo - £11.86

Under £12 + Free Delivery - Two Switch Wheels @ ShopTo - £11.86

£11.86£12.999%ShopTo Deals
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Cheapest I've seen them for a while - anyone getting mario kart on the switch at christmas? It's a great party game but I'm sure some people will perfect to use the wheel style we all know and love from the wii days.

£11.52 - Cheaper at BT Shop but you've gotta pay delivery

Amazon is £12.99

Simply slide your Nintendo Joy-Con controller into the racing wheel.

- Creates a fun driving experience whilst playing your favourite Nintendo Switch racing games.

- Contains two wheels.
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These are by Venom Accessories. You can get Nintendo’s original at £12.99 @ Amazon
Won't be a popular opinion but here goes: It's very likely that similar plastic trash will be in shops for £3 shortly after the "chrimble parents buying for kids so they have things to open" rush. Honestly, these things are tiny, they hardly offer much to the gaming experience and any brand could easily do the job. I had to get my littlest brother some of these for xmas. Found alternative brand on ebay for about £7 but they're clearly the most overpriced gift I've shelled out for this year. Anyone considdering should think that the money could be spent better toward another game, dlc or download purchase etc. The recipient would likely thank you for it when they can get the wheels cheap after xmas.
Wow £11.86 for 2 flimsy plastic pieces of tat
I dont get these at all... not voted
I got 4 for 4 quid off eBay. Took 2 weeks to arrive from China and are awesome.
Got these

Joy-Con Wheel GameWill for Nintendo Switch Controller-Black (Set of 2) amazon.co.uk/dp/…YEE

For 4.99 delivered last week. Bargain and are exactly the same as the originals
Also to add, these are tiny compared if you do think of the original Wii wheels FYI
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These are cheaper on Amazon
Not sure if it depends on the store but my local ASDA had three of these from £12 to £5 today.
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