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Under Armour 3 Pack Charged Cotton Sports Underwear (15cm), Men's Boxer - £16.97 @ Amazon

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Under Armour 3 Pack Charged Cotton Boxer Briefs — stay comfortable no matter the activity.

Offering everyday comfort and wear, this men's underwear is ideal for active men. The briefs are crafted using ultra-soft fabric, which has been processed carefully and without seams on the back and sides. The sports boxers also have a shaped front and a mesh gusset for added comfort. Body heat can escape through the innovative material and sweat is transported away from the body, preventing a build-up of perspiration. The underwear does not slip, does not constrict when worn, and is made of 57% cotton, 38% polyester and 5% elastane.


We started with a T-shirt that gave athletes an undeniable advantage and ultimately resulted in a complete renewal of sportswear. Today, innovation is our lifeblood and the key to achieving our brand mission.

About this Item
Soft-touch – The lightweight underwear for men is stretchy, dry quickly and offers an incomparably comfortable feeling on the skin
No limits – With their elasticated 4-way stretch material and the performance waistband, these men's boxer shorts offer unlimited freedom of movement
Quick-drying – For lasting freshness, the extra-lightweight material of the men's briefs draws sweat away from the skin and dries quickly
Extra features – The soft boxer shorts feature a built-in fly and a seamless construction at the back and sides for comfort
Material and fit – Under Armour charged cotton boxer 3 pack, men's underwear for sport, Material - 57% cotton/38% polyester/5% elastane, Fit - Tight
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  1. Avatar
    Obviously the only size OOS is M... Ugh
    Medium showing for me at that price
  2. Avatar
    Got some of these recently from an Under Armour outlet and they are horrible, have big seams across the back. None of the pictures online show seems though so not sure if I got some ‘made for outlet’ ones. Either way they’re brand new and will probably end up in a clothing bank.
    Do you tend to look at your backside constantly?
  3. Avatar
    Not everyone will have strong feelings about this (and that's okay), but UA has a huge range of hunting clothing and actively promotes trophy hunting of elk/bears etc.

    Personally I stopped buying their things when I found this out (edited)
  4. Avatar
    M back in stock
    Thanks to you I got some
  5. Avatar
    Are these bulletproof?
    No but apparently you can go shooting helpless animals like elk and moose in them...I wonder if they would like to run around while I shot at them in just there underpants
  6. Avatar
    Not to be confused with the tech 6inch which are more expensive but better imp. These are cotton at least
  7. Avatar
    Good price. Thanks to the pandemic I now fit into the bigger sizes.
    Who ate all the pies!!!!???
  8. Avatar
    3 pairs of knickers for £17 is hot - jeez I'm an old man. Thank god vanity passed me by many years ago
    I agree
  9. Avatar
    Ooh, good spot. Cheers!
  10. Avatar
  11. Avatar
    Ooooooft amazing price that. They stick at around £30 on under armour.
    Is Amazon not loaded with fake stuff
  12. Avatar
    Hand wash only?
    good spot. q&a says people have been machine washing them fine.
  13. Avatar
    Thankyou. A good price.
  14. Avatar
    Thanks, brought 2 pair for 24 using Mastercard offer.
  15. Avatar
    Ordered, Thanks Op.
  16. Avatar
    Arrived today! Nice pants 👌
  17. Avatar
    Question is are they real ⁉️⁉️⁉️ I've had numerous items that look the same, I ordered these back in the summer, they losing elasticity they have faded and small bobbles appearing. I've got some others I got from tk max which I bought in January 2020 which are in better state.
    Mine are the same and I got them from the under armour outlet. The cotton version do go bobbly after time. You could use a razor to shave off the bobbles (I did) but the best ones are the tech 6in as they are silk like polyester and do not go bobbly overtime. Still as stretchy as when
    I got them too. Never tumble fry these, that helps. Bobbles are caused by friction, so washing not ideal to prevent but tumbling is worse for bobbles. Hope this helps
  18. Avatar
    XL for me lol
  19. Avatar
    Only size M are not available atm.
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
    Compared to the original/tech 6inch. How are these for moisture wicking and drying?
    Not so great but better than other cotton shorts
  22. Avatar
    Thanks OP! Ordered!
  23. Avatar
    How are they allowed to call those “cotton”, at 57% it’s hardly an honest description.. (edited)
  24. Avatar
    How do these fit for size?
    Snug but lots of stretch, I got confused with Amazon sizing and given that they have S, S-M & M, thought S-M was small to medium, seems to just be an abbreviation for SMall tho and still fit was decent. I'm a 34-36 waist, 14st. (edited)
  25. Avatar
    I like these, the longer in the leg part helps keep me warm in these expensive heating times.
    Wear long johns
  26. Avatar
    Bit tacky

    However if you have a big you know what, they stretch good  (edited)
    Thighs? Bum?
  27. Avatar
    Like a bit of blue
  28. Avatar
    Decent price, standard price at Gunwharf quays outlet though if anyone goes. (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Got these and the tech, the tech are far better quality and more comfortable.
  30. Avatar
    The arent fully cotton
  31. Avatar
    now £23.47