Underworld 1- 3 Boxset Blu-ray - £15.20 with 10% Off Code @Sendit
Underworld 1- 3 Boxset Blu-ray - £15.20 with 10% Off Code @Sendit

Underworld 1- 3 Boxset Blu-ray - £15.20 with 10% Off Code @Sendit

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seems like a great deal only works out at just over £5 a film

In the UNDERWORLD films are a trilogy of dark and Gothic monster action movies, vampires and lycans--an ancient form of werewolf--are at war. While the vampires inhabit a gigantic castle that houses their ancestor's tombs, the lycans live underground in a dilapidated sewer cave. Both teams are equipped with big guns, and they are constantly innovating deadlier bullets to gain advantage over each other. Includes UNDERWORLD, UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION and UNDERWORLD: RISE OF TEH LYCANS.


Is this worth it?

Good deal for blue ray in my opinion, i like the first 2 films, the last one was rubbish though.


good price, i thought the last film was the best

already have the first 2 movies on US Region Free BluRays released by Sony Pictures, but still need the 3rd movie to complete my collection, so was quite tempted by the price of the UK set, BUT did a bit of research, the UK releases by EIV are not only region locked, but worse they have inferior PQ & AQ, also missing extra features, especially for the 3rd movie, compared to US/AUS Sony discs, unfortunately for the 3rd movie both US & AUS are locked to A/B respectively.

So will be avoiding this poor quality UK EIV released boxset, no wonder it's cheap, when compared to US/AU releases by Sony Pictures. EIV usually release inferior DVDs in UK/Euro region, now that tradition is carried over to BD, really annoying.

here's a thread over at AVF discussing this:



Is this worth it?

not really worth it if you're a movies collector looking for the best quality release.

Wow...after doing some research on the Underworld bluray's for the zavvi offer, I was happy that they'd be good because of reviews at HiDef digest. However, I'm now being shown that all discs are not created equal. I am now well aware that the UK ones are inferior in sound and in Underworld's (1st film) case, picture quality too. :?

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that Bluray is supposed to be a step up in both sound and picture. So, when I found this out about the Underworld trilogy set I'd ordered, I cancelled it. I'm lucky as Zavvi have taken their sweet time "processing" the order and I was able to cancel! :thumbsup:

I am now going to buy the US/Canadian trilogy set from Movietyme. It'll cost a bit more, but it's still a good deal. And I'm assured that the picture and sound will be of a much higher standard.

Thanks to No1_Dave for bringing this to my attention. I see the days or Rewind's comparison information site (dvdcompare.net) will still be needed...*Sigh* Why can't they just make all discs equal quality?! :roll:
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