Underworld 1-3 Boxset (bluray) £16.98 @ Amazon

Underworld 1-3 Boxset (bluray) £16.98 @ Amazon

Found 14th Aug 2009
Seems like reasonable deal to me.......

Underworld (2003): Vampires and lycans, an ancient form of werewolf, are at war. While the vampires inhabit a gigantic castle that houses their ancestor's tombs, the lycans live underground in a dilapidated sewer cave. Both teams are equipped with big guns, and they are constantly innovating deadlier bullets to gain advantage over each other. On the vampire side, the leather-clad death agent Selene (Kate Beckinsale) delegates teams of vamps to attack the lycans. But when she discovers that the lycans have kidnapped a human medical student, Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), she knows the worst is on its way. Against the orders of her superior, Kraven (Shane Brolly), who is obsessively in love with Selene, she awakens the most powerful vampire of all time, Viktor (Bill Nighy) and prepares for a massive feud against lycan leader Lucian (Michael Sheen)...

Underworld Evolution (2005): Bloodthirsty vengeance is measured out in buckets, not spoonfuls for this hard-hitting vampire movie sequel. The story picks up right where the first Underworld left off, in the midst of a war between Lycans (werewolves) and vampires, with the gorgeous death-dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale), on the run with her vamp-wolf hybrid lover, Michael (Scott Speedman).

Being the cause of Viktor's death, Selene can only hope to plea to the last remaining elder, Marcus. However, Marcus has already awakened and has become a more powerful creature than before. Now his only remaining goal is to awaken his Lycan brother William from his eternal imprisonment. With time running out, Selene and Michael must piece together the final clues to unlock the secrets of their bloodlines and stop Marcus before it's too late...

Underworld 3 - Rise Of The Lycans (2009): A prequel to the last two Underworld movies, this installment traces the beginnings of the blood-feud between the dominant Death Dealers and their former slaves, the Lycans. Led by the forceful Lucian, the Lycan uprising begins to take shape in order to escape the shackles of the evil Viktor, the vampire king who rules them.


whats amozon?
the link sends me to amazon not play.


whats amozon?the link sends me to amazon not play.

Its an Amazon deal but OP had chosen the wrong merchant. Fixed now

Also cheaper at the hut

£15.93 at The Hut and 3% Quidco

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couldnt find it at the hut ?????? nevrmind, thanks for lookin and correctin me:whistling:


http://www.thehut.com/hut/10034659.productOr at zavvi from tomorrow with … http://www.thehut.com/hut/10034659.productOr at zavvi from tomorrow with code zavvi10 http://www.zavvi.co.uk/zavvi/10034659.product will come out at £15.26. Thats from tomorrow folks, code doesn't work yet.

Good deal at about £5 a film

But its for sale at amazon at a more expensive price than elsewhere.

Apart from Amazons poor customer service / reputation why bother. Voted Cold

yeah i wont vote hot or cold or neutral, but its cheaper elsewhere and has been for a while, was £16 at Zavvi a few weeks ago.

Thanks for posting. I just bought it from The Hut, even though I don't have a BluRay player yet. But it can sit alongside my Matrix trilogy boxset.
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