Unfinished Swan free for ps3
Unfinished Swan free for ps3

Unfinished Swan free for ps3

Just checked the latest playstation network sale to pick up this (was quoted as £5.21 when announced) and it appears to be free! Checked online and looks like when it was released for the ps4 last november, it was put in a bundle with ps3 and vita.

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Just to add i know cannibalwombat mentioned this if you had bought ps3 previously you got the ps4 and vita free but its coming up free for my ps3 and i havent bought any format previously.

£5.21 on my PSN

Sorry voted cold as it's £5.21 on all 3 of my Playstation devices


Timed trial is free

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Dammit, in my psn it only gives the option 'download'. Ive seen others where the yellow bar advises timed trial, full game purchase etc but theres nothing like that on there. Ive downloaded it and its 1627mb.

shame its not free for me either
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