Unforgiven (1 disc) DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

Unforgiven (1 disc) DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

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Only the best western ever (apart from maybe the Leone films); and this makes a nice conclusion to the Leone/Clint trilogy; and good to see at that magic £2.99 price

In Clint Eastwood's acclaimed Western, Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman), a sadistic, dictatorial sheriff, enforces gun control on a tiny frontier town, doling out his own brand of due process as he sees fit. When he denies justice to the prostitutes of the town brothel, one of whom has been slashed by a client, the women hire Bill Munny (Eastwood), a reformed gunslinger, to gain vengeance. However, Munny must contend with his new moral code in the face of revisiting the life he left behind. Eastwood's directorial masterpiece also stars Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris.

UNFORGIVEN stands as a towering achievement, and it scooped numerous Academy Awards including Best Director, Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (Hackman). However, it is Eastwood's portrayal of William Munny that really impresses most, with the actor brilliantly conveying the world-weary character, and in doing so, manages to make a bold statement regarding his own place in the world.

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Superb movie, must watch it if you haven't!

£2.99 instore at Blockbuster too.

Great movie - I was sceptical as to whether a western made in the 1990s (1992) could ever compete with the authentic 60's and 70's westerns.

How wrong was I ! It's fantastic.

I am sure that for years Eastwood had the idea of a westen that he would like to make - drawing on decades of experience. Well he gets to make it and you get to see it with Unforgiven.

Worth paying the extra £2 for the Special DVD edition (£4.99 at Play but £5.99 at HMV) which comes with a bonus disc. You even get an old episode of Maverick where the seeds for Eastwood's characterisaton are sown.

Unforgiven should be in everyone's DVD collection. Hot!
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