UniBond Humidity Absorber Aero 360 £8.00 at Asda free click and collect

UniBond Humidity Absorber Aero 360 £8.00 at Asda free click and collect

Found 13th Dec 2014
Other sellers are a lot higher priced Tesco are charging £20.00 ( tesco.com/dir…prd )

Combat condensation, damp rooms, allergens in the air, mold and mildew with the UniBond Humidity Absorber. This humidity device has 2-in-1 technology that not only absorbs humidity but also neutralises odours. The device also has anti-spill technology to avoid any leaks and comes complete with one power tab.

Suitable for all rooms up to 20 metres squared. Reduction of humidity from the air has been shown to help asthma and allergy sufferers.
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I bought one of these from b&q recently for £10 and it's on the windowsill above where we dry our washing. does a good job.
Good price, but I have four of these and they don't stop condensation build up at all. Running a de-humidifier every few days will be more effective and cheaper in the long run.

The blocks only last a few weeks and they absorb so little water that it makes no difference to humidity levels.
Its out of stock.
I agree with shakey. Mine are left on windowsills around the house. In the mornings there is sill condensation on windows and barely a few drips in the container.
I tried one of these. To be honest I wouldn't waste your money. If you have a condensation problem get a dehumidifier. There's no comparison.
Too expensive you need to keep replacing the blocks inside. Get a good size dehumidifier i have had mine 7 years and paid £100 for it.
I bought these and made no difference to the condensation on my windows. Also the block didn't last 2 weeks and cost around £5 each to replace. De-humidifier definatly more cost effective.
I agree with all the comments you're better off buying a dehumidifier. although I think it does work just not well enough.
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