UNIROSS Compact Charger with 4 x AA HYBRIO 1600 mAh (Quidco 7% available £2.99 @ Maplin

UNIROSS Compact Charger with 4 x AA HYBRIO 1600 mAh (Quidco 7% available £2.99 @ Maplin

Found 18th Jan 2010
Just bought 2 packs, delivery is £2.99 for orders under £35 I think, Absolute Bargain!

Order code is N90FT

link seems broken heres the link maplin.co.uk/Mod…ule
Heres the gas:
* Ultra compact and plug-in design to charge 2 or 4 batteries at a time
* Great value for money charger
* Ideal for your everyday electronic devices : Remote controls, radios, clocks, PC mouse, toys, etc
* Four AA 1600mAh rechargeable batteries included with HYBRIO technology inside *

* Hybrio technology batteries last longer and are ready to use straight from the packet

Technical Specification

Charging current: AA: 150mA AAA: 70mA
Battery technology: NiMH / Nicd
Number of channels: 2
AC Input: 220-240V
Features: LED charge indicator
LED status indicator
Reverse polarity detection
Short circuit protection
Charging times:
AA 1600 mAh : 13hrs AAA 700 mAh : 11hrs
AA 2100 mAh : 18hrs AAA 800 mAh : 13hrs
AA 2300 mAh : 2hrs45 AAA 1000 mAh : 18hrs
AA 2500 mAh : 21hrs
AA 2700 mAh : 23hrs


link not pointing to the correct product...

Nice find ...... no stock in LONDON stores....

No stock any place in the country its order online only which puts the price up.

Thanks - gone for a couple of sets of these.

Cheers again,


Website says "Product Discontinued" - no option to buy.

dunno if its relevant but i got some of these batteries and they ain't hybrio despite the packaging, they arrive flat and don't stay charged as my other hybrios which have a diff paint job

Note that these are the lower rated Hybrios (1600mAh vs 2000mAh). Hence the different colour, and price.

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I know stocks were limited, i did try and get them from my local but it seemed online only. the only extra charge was delivery which is expected of any retail purchase under say a tenner. still, got mine £3 for even 1300mAh is cheap

link goes to maplin for me! went on CPC and it says its 9 quid
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