UniRoss Sprint 90 Min Battery Charger inc 4 x AA 2500 mAh Batteries £12.12 Delivered!

UniRoss Sprint 90 Min Battery Charger inc 4 x AA 2500 mAh Batteries £12.12 Delivered!

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Found 17th Jul 2007
£7.62+ £4.50 Delivery - Amazon.co.uk Marketplace
More expensive than the Sony posted earlier BUT The main benfit of this charger is it plugs straight into the wall. Handy if you have a spare power socket in the kitchen...
£17.99 @ play.com
Uniross Intelligent Fast Compact Charger can have batteries charged and ready to use in only 90 minutes! Uniross Sprint 90 Min fast Charger RC-104318 comes complete with 4 x 2500mAh NiMH Rechargeable batteries, AC Adapter & Car Cord, 110-220 volt for worldwide use. This is an 'intelligent' Uniross charger which has been specifically designed for charging high capacity batteries and is perfectly suited for use with digital cameras and any other device that uses AA or AAA batteries.


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If it's a plug-in charger how does the car adapter attach?.

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3. When using AC adaptor : Connect the charger directly into an available AC outlet.
When using in a vehicle - DC car adaptor: Connect the supplied DC car adaptor’s
barrel plug into the charger’s DC input jack. Plug the large end of the cord into the
12V car lighter power port.

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http://www.directfoto.co.uk/shop/product/Uniross-XPress-700-Includes-4-x-2500mAh-Batts.aspxthis one for £10.99 with free delivery

different model 'Uniross X-Press 700'
slower charge time i think?


different model 'Uniross X-Press 700'slower charge time i think?

sorry yes it is.
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