Uniross  x-press 300 charger with 4@ hybrio AA 2100 ma £4.98 also 4@ hybrio AAA 800ma £1.50 @ Homebase

Uniross x-press 300 charger with [email protected] hybrio AA 2100 ma £4.98 also [email protected] hybrio AAA 800ma £1.50 @ Homebase

Found 16th Dec 2008Made hot 16th Dec 2008
had some great bargains recently on HOTUK so thought I should post something, went into homebase today and found these
Uniross x-press 300 ( this one has safety timer) includes 4 @ AA hybrio 2100ma batteries £4.98
also 4 @ AAA hybrio 800ma batteries labelled as £2.99 but scanned as £1.50


looks a good deal thanks:)

Not available online .

Great find if you can get some instore!

Cheers, will go in the morning!

Great deal. I picked up a similar deal from Scan a while ago for about £5 plus delivery (which made it about a tenner in total) and the charger and batteries work a dream.

If you're new to rechargables then get this and stop buying Duracells every few weeks!

Nice first post mate :thumbsup:



Err - already posted last night - and 80% cheaper?

I will pop into local one this lunchtime and report back...


http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/298847/hybrio-ultra-charger-2-hybrio-aa-ba/Err - already posted last night - and 80% cheaper? I will pop into local one this lunchtime and report back...

It's not the same thing. Charger is a different size + this has 4 batteries the other deal has 2. :thumbsup:

As far as I know most Homebases cleared their stock of these and replaced them with Energisers - so its quite a limited offer - but an excellent price if you can get it.



wasted a journey to my store :x

None at Enfield or at Waltham Cross - shame, but would have been very excited if they were there

2 WASTED JOURNEYS HERE TOO, But good luck to thos that find 'em :thumbsup:

Same here; none in stock but a great deal if anyone can find them

Went to 3 stores and picked one up in the last store - so they are out there


Tried the Shirley branch as as per other members they had Energiser rechargables and 1 batch of Uniross AAA NiMh in a seperate cabinet.
So another with a wasted journey.

I got charged £4.87 (must be the VAT cut) in Camberley.

Cheers for this. Picked up the last charger (on display anyway) and a few packs of batteries in Aintree. Will go great with my digital camera.

Cheers again,


None at Darlington - guy said they did have them but all sold out now

No stock - Edinburgh Straighton

plenty of chargers and 4 batteries for £4.87 in Blyth, but unfortunately no AAA's.

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Found mine in hombase mold flintshire was plenty in stock, checked homebase llanduduno today non in stock. Also forgot to mention in homebase mold they had uniross USB charger with either 2 or 4 aaa rechargeables for about £1.50

Well done to those of you who got one of these. Nothing in the Frome (Somerset) store and staff looked at me blankly!


Clearly its worth phoning for this deal - otherwise you are just wasting time and fuel.

Near the Reebok stadium Bolton don't bother I bought the last 7 packs of AAs but they still had a few AAAs left their stock system shows Stockport showing 6+ packs of AAAs (good luck)

It is worth going to your nearest branch and getting them to check their computerised stock system, they can tell you which branches have any.
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