United 93 DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV
United 93 DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

United 93 DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

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UNITED 93, director Paul Greengrass's meticulous reconstruction of the events surrounding the crash--the result of a heroic struggle between the passengers and hijackers--of the fourth plane to be hijacked on September 11, 2001, is a momentous piece of filmmaking. Greengrass has chosen the most politically and emotionally charged source material available to an artist in the early 21st century, and shaped it into a psychologically draining, terrifyingly real, and technically brilliant film. Like his first feature-length work BLOODY SUNDAY, UNITED 93 doesn't follow a traditional cinematic narrative structure; via hand-held cameras, grainy DV stock, and frenetic editing, it instead presents a visceral (at times sickening) in-the-moment documentary-style experience that maximizes the film's unavoidable air of tension and dread without being crassly manipulative. Yet for all of its precision and craft, UNITED 93 still depicts one of the most terrifying ordeals the United States has ever had to face--and that it was released less than five years after those events took place plays an undeniably enormous role in how the film is received. It is impossible to watch UNITED 93 and not be profoundly moved, whether that emotion is fear, sadness, anxiety, or pure rage. It is an emotional catharsis far removed from what is the filmmaker's delicate hand and deft touch. Greengrass, though, is quite fearless in his depiction of the chaos of the day--the President is frustratingly missing; the FAC, NORAD, and local air-traffic control centres are shown in a disoriented panic; and the terrorists are brutal and remorseless--and, to his credit, he avoids soft-pedalling any political agenda and doesn't blindly canonize the flight's passengers. Rather, their heroism is treated as the product of a logical decision made by ordinary men and women who found themselves in the most extraordinary and illogical of situations and that, ultimately, is where the power of UNITED 93 lies.

Special Features
Audio Commentary By Director Paul Greengrass
United 93: The Families And The Film (60 Minutes) - Meet The Families Behind United Airlines Flight 93, Share Their Ppersonal Account Of The Events That Changed Their Lves And Why They Were Interested In Supporting The Making Of The Movie
Memorial Pages - The Passengers And Crew Of United Flight 93 Are Remembered With 40 Written Biographies
Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic
Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages - English, German
Subtitles - English SDH, German, Arabic, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Icelandic
Region 2 / PAL / Colour


This is a brilliant film - highly recommended

Great film, really harrowing, but I really don't believe this is what happened at all!!!!!!:thinking:

great film - i watched this at the cinema and for this price would buy it again.

Really good film but very sad

Was this the year they won the treble then?


Great film, really harrowing, but I really don't believe this is what … Great film, really harrowing, but I really don't believe this is what happened at all!!!!!!

I'm also with the conspiracy theorists on this one. I distinctly remember the live news footage stating that there were TWO crash sites, suggesting that the plane was downed by a missile.

Oh wow Andwedge your all sparkly! - ooooo purdy!



Was this the year they won the treble then?:-)

HAHA have u even read the movie description??


Oh wow Andwedge your all sparkly! - ooooo purdy!xx

Ha ha so he is - all lit up like Blackpool illuminations :-D

That's what becomes of you when you get 'taken into the mafia fold' heh heh :whistling:

(Just don't stand on the rug!)

SEPTEMBER CLUES is the greatest 9/11 documentry by far, available to view on youtube and can be downloaded


HAHA have u even read the movie description??

it was joke :roll:

One of the better 9/11 films

Better than that Nic Cage effort

Fantastic film - never been a fan of 're-creations' but this is very very moving. I like how he split the movie in two by having the first half concentrating on what is happening at FAA, air trafic control and the NORAD exercises and how it unfolds for them and teh second half being exclusively for on-board the plane. Great idea to use unknown actors and have it all played as 'real-life'.

This is one of my keepers and one I'll watch every once in a while.

Ahhh the great power of mis-information!
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