Universal 12 in 1 Remote Control (for TV/DVD/Hi Fi) - £2.99 delivered
Universal 12 in 1 Remote Control (for TV/DVD/Hi Fi) - £2.99 delivered

Universal 12 in 1 Remote Control (for TV/DVD/Hi Fi) - £2.99 delivered

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Universal 12 in 1 Remote Control (For - TV - DVD - Hi Fi and More) is £2.99 delivered from Savapoint

Description : This handy 12 in 1 universal remote control is an essential purchase for anyone who owns a number of electrical products, as this handy remote will be able to operate them all easily and without the drama of searching for loads of different remotes scattered all around the house. This high quality remote is compatible with any brand of equipment and can be used for most electrical equipment including televisions, DVD players, CD players, video recorders and more.

available for £1 in Poundland
- naru6705

you can also try the 99p store.
- tommygunn


you get these in poundland folks!

ditto - only £1 in poundland

these are BOGOF in our branch of Why Pay A Pound?.

Battle of the remote even happens in deal threads :roll: Hehe :giggle:

Just discovered a bust one last night and I have too many lying around as well.

This will sort both problems.

Thanks for posting!:thumbsup:

nice to see a fellow aberdonian Mitch!

Don't do it if you have NTL! I bought this exact remote and it doesn't work. Fine with everything else though.

Will these work on a freeview box anyone?


I just saw this and thought "That's pretty familiar!". I got one ages ago from a friend, lost the manual and had to track it down on the Internet. Actually mine is URC22B-9 and I can only find the instructions for URC22B-7; but they still work anyhow. It seems likely that the deal posted is for a similar model and similar codes will function.

A quick search of the sites shows that the following are the instructions and (hopefully) should tell you what devices will work and what won't - I'd imagine that any custom boxes or more recent devices won't work.

supersat.cz/dow…php (see the urc22b_7 link).

Avoid this company that's a recommendation that I'd make strongly.
They seemingly take your money and do not deliver the goods.
Two seperate orders for iPod socks order being an example. American Express disputed/charged-back the transaction thankfully.

This company hides behind an 0870 number and does not answer e-mails.
E-mails that are received are automated responses referring customers to 0870 numbers.


nice to see a fellow aberdonian Mitch!

Aberdonians trying to save money? I'd never have believed it!

bazzaric says;

nice to see a fellow aberdonian Mitch!

Never noticed you were a fellow Aberdeen dweller. Good to see some more of us around too.:-D

@ Confiteor;

Bit unbelievable us Aberdonians looking to save money. Where on earth did you get that idea. lol :giggle:

How much are they in poundland?....*(joke)

I brought one of these for my parents and I can honestly say they are completely USELESS!! Ok so they work and do almost what they say on the box, but the problem we keep having is that they seem to forget which telly they are controlling and drop the recognition codes so you have to go through the process every couple of weeks of inputting codes. Not meant to be negative but even for a £1 it would be worth spending a little more and getting a decent one..

RRP £12.99 when?....

Well I went and got one from Poundland, and jonnic is right. Spent all evening with this damn thing and it flashes but doesn't do anything.

So don't bother if you think its a cheap solution, go get a real one and save yourself a lot of frustration.
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