Universal Bluetooth Headset and LG Jaguar Camera Mobile - Tesco
Hi Was in my local Tesco's this afternoon and they have just put out end of the row deals.

I purchased a Universal BT4517T Bluetooth Headset for £5 - this comes with an incar charger - up to 8 hours talk time, up to 150 hours stand by time, voice dialling and has a range up to 10 meters - the Bluetooth Headset can also be used with a computer which has bluetooth or a bluetooth dongle for listinging to MP3's (Great for the Kids).

I also purchased a LG Jaguar (KG130) camera phone - basic with a 4 x camera, but good for my nephew as a 1st phone he wanted a mobile - the phone was only £10 so if he loses it or breaks it there is no great loss.


Bluetooth is out of stock.

out of stock .
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