Universal Car Mats at Home Bargains

Universal Car Mats at Home Bargains

Found 29th Jan 2016
Bought these instore in Birkenhead (Rock retail park) a couple of weeks ago, forgot to post them until i was reminded by just seeing another post for car mats.
Better looking than black rubber mats, and made of tough nylon type carpetting material backed by black rubber.
Not available online at the moment but are instore. Well pleased with them and a bargain for just a fiver imho.
Link shows the pics of them on Home bargain website.

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thin as cardboard.
Halfords have some half price. but the best I found last week were the Lidl ones surprisingly.
Universal, as long as they fit your car.
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thin as cardboard.

No they aren't.
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Universal, as long as they fit your car.

They fit both my Galaxy and my sons Punto fine. Very different cars - perhaps that what 'universal' means? If you want something tailored for your specific car try the manufacturers main agent. Remember to take a lot more than £5 though.:p
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I am the OP, I Dont know why this is expired as they are still available in the branch that I stated in the OP. Could Mod please unexpire as they are now only £3.99 instead of £4.99 and still loads left.
Or bump it if posssible?
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