Universal Emergency Bulb Kit - Now Even Cheaper Only £2 @ Amazon
 Universal Emergency Bulb Kit -  Now Even Cheaper Only £2 @ Amazon

Universal Emergency Bulb Kit - Now Even Cheaper Only £2 @ Amazon

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Did you know that not driving with the correct headlamps is illegal when in Europe? The Metro Emergency Bulb Kit includes all the major functional bulbs required for most vehicles. This kit helps you to stay safe, legal and prepared if any of the front, side, interior or rear bulbs fail. This is an essential kit for European motoring.

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thanks ordered 2

I think you mean it is illegal not to be carrying a set of the correct spares when driving in Europe. Actually driving with the wrong headlamps is illegal here.

Thanks, Ordered !

i paid nearly £2 for just one bulb at a garage a while back.

thanx OP ordered

getting cheaper - could be giving them away -cost 3.95 when i got them good deal

The legal requirement is to ‘not dazzle oncoming drivers’. This applies across Europe apart from Eire.
The issue is more one of being able to fix a problem if you are stopped with a failed bulb and therefore being able to avoid a fine.
AFAIK it is only a legal requirement to carry spare bulbs in Croatia.

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cheers ordered 2

Excellent price!

Hot! Ordered. Thanks.

Cheers. Ordered 3 - one for me, only for parents and one for sister. Very useful to keep about.

ordered one. was driving with two brake lights out (just had one above the boot working) and a front light out for ages over the winter, didnt realise till i was told so this should be good. the front halogen light cost me over a fiver so this is cheap

If you are travelling abroad you may need it. Please see requirements below:

C = Compulsary R = Recommended

Andorra C
Austria R
Belgium R
Bulgaria R
Croatia C
Cyprus R
Czech Republic C
Denmark R
Finland R
France & Monaco R
Germany R
Gibraltar R
Greece R
Hungary C
Ireland R
Italy & San Marino R
Luxembourg R
Malta R
Netherlands R
Norway R
Poland R
Portugal R
Romania R
Slovakia C
Slovenia R
Spain C
Sweden R
Switzerland & Liechtenstein R
U.K. R

You will not receive a fine for driving with a defective bulb as long as you tell the police officer that you checked and it was working when you started your current journey.

This is where you can fall foul, if you then try to continue your journey with the defective bulb you can be fined.

If you mention that you've been meaning to replace it for a day or two then you will get a fine.

Buy this cheap set, wave it at the copper and he will move on to the next cashpoint.

brought.nice find,cracking price.

Cheers OP ordered a set, heat added.

heat added - bought one

Seems to have sold out at this price now.

We're sorry. The item Metro HG 079-00 Universal Emergency Bulb Kit is no longer available from the seller you selected. To see if it's available from another seller, click here to return to the item's product detail page.

seems to be £5.99 now

deal expired now

and I thought I got a bargin with the £3 offer the other day

ah well I got two packs @ £3 each so still happy


Er.........the wrong bulbs don't fit.....eh?
How can you drive with the wrong ones in? oO

f****rs ordering 2 !

Showing £4.99 now

£2.51 now if anyone still needs a set!
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