UNKLE - Psyence Fiction CD - 99p @ Head

UNKLE - Psyence Fiction CD - 99p @ Head

Found 27th Sep 2009Made hot 28th Sep 2009
Fantastic CD for the price - absolutely loads left in stock in the Bristol branch (hidden away at the back of the store by books).

Browsing through the site I don't think this has ever been posted anywhere near this price!



Awesome album - no Head near me for miles sadly

Great Price - Great alabum - Hot

Great Album. Used in sound bytes for the television.

Best 99p spend ever.

Classic, super-hot

Is there a Head in Cribbs Causeway?

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According to Wikipedia:

the former Zavvi store at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway was also going to be … the former Zavvi store at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway was also going to be purchased, but the company was unable to reach an agreement with the landlord. The store has subsequently been taken over by HMV who have re-located from their former premises at Cribbs Causeway and have employed some of the former Zavvi staff.

So I guess not - this deal was in the Broadmead branch.

Heat + Rep!!!!!!!!! One of my favourite albums. So many tracks have been used on film/Tv. 'Lonely souls' (featuring Richard Ashcroft) from the film 'The Beach', will stand out for many, along with 'Rabbit in your headlights', featuring Thom Yorke!!!!!!!!!!:whistling:

Awesome album, for the same price as a single track on itunes!

I urge everyone ot pick up a copy!

This is a fantastic album, for 99p you can't go wrong. Heat & rep added for a great find. It's already in my collection though.:thumbsup:

How do i buy this,everytime i click on Go To Deal,i get taken to a wikipedia page.:oops:

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In store deal only - I don't think Head Entertainment have an ecommerce website.

Cripes this is less hassle than ripping the torrent! Although I bought it full price many years ago when it was released, as stated above great album, loads of tunes you will have heard. Mike D's line "DJ Shadow, and James Lavelle" automatically comes into my head when I think of this album.
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