Unknown Blu Ray £5.85 @ Zavvi + Quidco

Unknown Blu Ray £5.85 @ Zavvi + Quidco

Found 22nd Nov 2009
Five men awaken in a warehouse with no way out and no recollection of how they got there, only to struggle with their suspicion of each other as they try to piece together their story from available clues. One (Greg Kinnear) has a broken nose, while another (Jeremy Sisto) is handcuffed to a pipe and slowly dying from a gunshot wound. Two (Barry Pepper and Jim Caviezel) are unhurt, while the fifth (Joe Pantoliano) is tied to a chair--which is how the group wish to keep him until they figure out why he got that way. Meanwhile, the police are tracking a sinister man in snakeskin boots (Peter Stormare) with a connection to the group, and a worried wife (Bridget Moynihan) of one of the men searches desperately for her husband. But will the men kill each other out of suspicion before finding a way out of the warehouse?


Interesting looking film. Blu Ray at this price you cant go wrong. Thanks

An unknown Blu Ray Disk? Cold!


it got 6.6 on imdb, which is ok.

nice twist at the end

Good price

Sounds a bit like the plot for Saw 1.

saw the title for the deal and thought it meant it was an unknown blu-ray for 5.85!

I had high hopes for this film and it does have a very similar plotline to the original Saw film - however after watching the film I thought it was very predictable and the twist ending was very obvious. Overall it was a bit of a let down.

Cheap price for a blu-ray though so good spot OP
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