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Posted 28 November 2022

Unleaded £1.389 at Essar (DA Roberts) in Whitchurch Shropshire

In store: Shropshire
Shared by Charlesberg
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Cheapest I've seen unleaded for a while. Thought I'd share for anyone local to Whitchurch Shropshire
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    What is the percentage of water?
    I'm not sure. I haven't tasted it 😬
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    Even at them prices us motorists are still been shafted unleaded and diesel should be around £1.20-£1.30 area at the moment cheapest unleaded in teeside 157.9 and diesel 179.9 Esso forecourt,most areas been ripped off more than others,also don't forget Jeremy (c)hunt is adding another 12p per litre in April(kept quiet in mini budget)
    I'm no fan of Jeremy Hunt for a number of reasons, but IMO I wouldn't count on that 12p pencilled in for April actually happening if pump prices stay at current levels. JH would need to be able to sell it on the basis of prices having fallen by more than 12p since Autumn, tough choices, blah, blah... Its almost certainly pencilled in because it makes the OBR numbers look a bit more credible to the markets.

    Plus, like all Chancellors, they like the opportunity to say they are being generous in NOT implementing something they've suggested they might - even if it's something that never really existed in the first place. Fuel duty has long been an example of that (the freezing of fuel duty every year for 12 years up to 2022, as if the Chancellors were doing everyone some massive favour instead of just admitting the reality - that the reason they weren't increasing fuel duty was its a massive vote-loser!)
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    DA Roberts are generally the cheapest in the area. Good on them for consistently giving us great prices.
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    Further confirmation that 90% of the country are being completely mugged off!
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    On the A1 down from Newcastle now. Insane price
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    Filled up here the other day wasn't even a queue haha.
    It was that price last Sunday and the queues were causing mayhem!
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    Why are supermarkets not giving discount and they bulk buy.
    Dont all petrol stations with a chain bulk buy?
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    Our locals including the supermarkets are robbing us blind in Swansea. Still £1.58 minimum here for unleaded and £1.82 for diesel.
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    Great work on your first deal, @Charlesberg !
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    Still £1.59 in barnsley :/
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    You lucky b******s! Even your diesel is cheap! It’s 160 for petrol and 182.9 for diesel in Scotland 😩
    Is that all
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    Even at this price the profit margin for somebody in the chain is huge oil is now down to $80 per barrel. By rights unleaded should be down to £1.05 ish by now. (edited)
    Yes because huge oil goes straight to supermarket pumps on a daily basis. We're paying for forward contracts and the increased cost of refining. Prices will drop but not rapidly just yet.
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    Absolute carnage outside this garage, not helped by the roadworks. Despite the price, I prefer to avoid the area.
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    A much better price, about what I would expect it to be. Heat (even above my petrol deal)
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    Leeds still 1.85 for a Diesel
    My local is 1.94 still. I don't mind diesel, prefer it over petrol simply for the MPG advantage.
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    A full tank even at Costco is £8 expensive here in the North east. Cracking deal
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    £1.88 for diesel in the westcountry. Energy and oil cartels are absolutely raking it in while people are driving at 50mph on the motorway to save fuel and wearing three layers at home so they don't have to switch on the heating. Voted hot anyways, great if you can get it.
    I had to drive from Blackpool down south, 2 weeks ago.
    I sit at 62 mph to get the best mpg.
    Normally everyone is passing me at higher speeds.
    Not anymore, the odd one but most are driving at 60 ish.

    Down south you still see £1.96.9 for diesel.
    So filled up at Costco Thurrock at 6.00am today £169.9 today
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    1.71 for diesel in Doncaster yesterday and 1.50 for unleaded so had come down slightly
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    Damn my diesel car
    Diesel gets more MPG than petrol. That justify's the cost difference, in my opinion anyway.
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    I’m driving up now from Brighton. I’m running on scarps atm
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    Ladies & Gentlemen try to use your car less we are all being ripped off. I pay 151p but its 2 miles from me all the nearby petrol stations are like a cartel 161p. I will try to avoid these now in the future ironically it's a Texaco near me which is cheapest and gives me better mpg too.

    Brent Crude Oil Price now the same as January 2022.


    Petrol in January 2022 145.7p


    $1 = 0.83p November 2022
    $1 = 0.74p January 2022

    Pound has strengthened now


    So (74÷83) * 145.7p = 129.9p per litre anything above this and you are being ripped off!

    I guess this is a good deal at 138p ...

    Question why are petrol stations around the country charging 161p ?? (edited)
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    Top share Charles great share ; definitely being had o**

    Mine is a penny more
    Please share