Unlimited free calls and texts to T-Mobile customers £35/m
Unlimited free calls and texts to T-Mobile customers £35/m

Unlimited free calls and texts to T-Mobile customers £35/m

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As of this week;

U-Fix tariff has been revamped, new prices and services for U-Fix existing/new customers.

Including a £35 tariff giving unlimited free calls and texts to T-Mobile customers.


T-Mobile is on quidco. This is a 12 month contract.


Original Poster

looks like I upset some magic number orange customers

nah. it's just a **** deal
i have t-mobile. i use the phone as much as necessary without suppressing anything, have web and walk and am always online, and pay about £17/month. why i'd pay double for "unlimited minutes" which i won't use and not have web and walk i don't know

plus 99% of people i know are on O2 or Orange.

Original Poster

well obviously its not going to benefit everyone, you are a below average spend customer for pay monthly. This is a high end tariff for people always on the mobile.

I don't really think rating cold is appropriate here. Just because you don't need all the minutes doesn't mean someone else won't either, and this deal will be not as visible because of the cold voting.

hey, sorry nothing personal i wasn't the one who brought you down to -61! the charm of HUKD is that it's a user run system - evidently the "deal" you've found doesn't cater to the audience, hence the cold rating.

and true, this may be for heavier users. but judging by the temperature there's probably a few people this caters to on these boards. and why they wouldn't just go to O2 (which has bulk of the market), get minutes and unlimited O2 calls and texts for £15/month or to any of the other providers who are now giving the free in-network calling options makes it not such a hot deal...

just get T-Mobile 5 day pass instead!
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