Unlimited Minutes  Unlimited Texts  4GB Data £24 pm (£4 after cashback) @ e2save

Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 4GB Data £24 pm (£4 after cashback) @ e2save

Found 28th Sep 2017
  • Vodafone SIM-Only deal
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 4GB Data.
  • £24/month. £20 automatic cashback
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£24 for 4gb !! And will they give £20 automatic cash back every month
Sorry not a good deal, most people value the data, not the unlimited texts and calls. 4gb data deals are posted here for & £9-£10/month quite regularly.
I assume this is a joke? Can get this type of allowance for half that
You only get the cashback for one month, shame as would a great deal otherwise.

Cold as an Eskimo's balls
It looks like they only give you the cash back once! So basically only the first month is £4 and then you’re stuck with £24 a month! Please enlighten me if I’m wrong as I’d take this deal for £4 a month even if it’s for 5 years contract
It's only £20 cashback for month 1, reverts back to £24 / month after that so terrible deal IMO.
Worst deal I had seen in ages
The cash is only for the first month. So pointless deal.
Not the best Vodafone deal even if only for a month. Much better deals available. Sorry op no heat
I got an S7, 4gb if data unlimited texts and calls for £25 a month on Three with affordable mobiles back in Jume. Should have got £40 cashback but they've declined it at the moment, have lodged a claim although thanks to a post on here I did get a free gear fit 2.
Sorry this isn't a deal, especially not on the Vodafone network.
Not good, I have the same deal for 10.00 from BT
12GB/month for 14 pounds @ three.
Good deal , if your looking for a really bad deal.
Well, if it WAS £20 every month, not just month 1, then it'd be a blinder. But unfortunately the OP misread it and now has this icy millstone around his/her neck. First post too, bless 'em.

I'm assuming e2save are hoping most people will miss-read it too..

There's no other reason anyone would sign up for this crap.
very cold as cashback for one month only!!
excellent deal, £10 quid too so you're getting paid £6 and get a free sim for a month!!!
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