Unlimited Music Streaming/Downloading For £5.99 a Month
Unlimited Music Streaming/Downloading For £5.99 a Month

Unlimited Music Streaming/Downloading For £5.99 a Month

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Sure this will appeal to some who use iTunes alot?

How do I buy a download?

* simply browse the site and add tracks to your basket
* you can buy downloads as well as cds, dvds, or anything else
* when you have finished shopping just checkout as normal
* once youve installed our download manager, your tracks will then download to your pc where you can play or transfer them - easy!

Terms and Conditions

* All downloads are in the wma file format protected with Windows media DRM and we would advise checking the compatibility of your portable player before downloading.
* A Windows Xp computer with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 connected to the Internet with a Broadband Internet connection is required to download
* Windows Media Player 10 or 11 is required to burn tracks and transfer tracks to a portable player
* Please ensure you allow Pop-ups from hmv.com


WMA + DRM iPod

or in other words... NOT iPod compatible.

I don't see anything about £5.99 a month in the link posted - can anyone advise?

I got excited when I saw this, until I realised you can only play the music through the hmv jukebox online. You can't burn it onto CD or download it to an mp3 player. You can't even play the music when you're offline!

Back to alltunes for me then.

Looks like the wrong link was posted, this is the HMV Jukebox for £5.99 per month.

Subscription content cannot be downloaded to a PC or transferred to a portable player .

Alltunes? Why not just pirate it? The artist sees exactly the same amount of money and you're not giving your money to crooks.

seemed like a hot deal until read comments, can only listen to songs online?!?! whats the point in that?!? you may as well just go to youtube and listen to the songs on that for free

I prefer to own my music but perhaps someone else may not be so anal like me :P

free bryan adams track though...without pre ordering. Juke box is not so great though.

Voting cold I'm afraid, not being able to download and keep the music? Not a good deal.

I pay Napster £10 a month so that I can listen to their large library of WMA files which are usually 192kb so the quality is good. Some people think renting music is a waste of money but if you’re a music lover and like to listen to lots of new music every month without the cost and risk of buying CDs that you haven’t heard then music subscription is a bargain.

You can have the Napster client installed on 3 PCs so a small family can share the music. You can also download the music to your hard drive so you don’t have to stream it. It’s obviously not for people that buy 10 CDs a year but for music fanatics it’s a bargain.
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