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Posted 8 September 2022

Unlocked 4G Mobile WiFi Router - 150 Mbps - White - £26.98 With Code Delivered @ MyMemory

£26.98£28.987% off
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Reduced by a further couple of quid (every little helps)
Low price for this 150mbps 4G router, portable etc.

The 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Router is Unlocked to all mobile networks, making it the ideal travel companion and enabling you to use the sim card of your choice.

  • 2100mAh capacity battery
  • Unlocked to All networks
  • Perfect for travel
  • 4G download speed up to 150 Mbps

E6 series is cost competitive multi-mode indoor MIFI, compliant with 3GPPRelease 9, LTE 4G, 3G This multi-mode multi-band MIFI ensures operator to enjoy the cost-benefits over service and share of network. Multi-band LTE and UMTS. E6 series can support multiple bands crossing 4G, 3G These spectrums are the most widely used and are main bands for 4G, 3G deployments globally. Under appropriate base station supports, E6 series speed of LTE FDD is theoretically 50 Mbps at uplink, and downlink speed is up to 150 Mbps. It results in a fast and robust uplink and downlink performance.

Key Features
  • Number of connections: 10 WiFi users
  • Battery parameters: 2100mAh high performance lithium battery
  • Standyby time working: 6-8 hours
  • Standby: 72 hours
  • Internet Speed: 150 Mbps download
  • Support network: Multi mode, Multi band, Multi language, Adaptive free choice of frequency band

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  1. Avatar
    Not bad at that price. Handy for car for kids with a lebara sim
    Kids needs attention I must say, not smartphones.
  2. Avatar
    Would this work with 3 home broadband? I brought the router with me on holiday to Kent and it worked great but would be nice to have a solution for the car. Thanks for any advice
    Anonymous User
  3. Avatar
    I have it, I use it. Nothing special, but it does the job. And it's really cheap (bought it at similar price a couple of months ago).

    Heat added.
  4. Avatar
    Basic but ok for the price. I have the Sercomm LTE2122GR on 3 and I think it is the best 4g+ router on the market and only around £50 eBay
  5. Avatar
    If this was connected to a Firestick in a caravan, how far away can they be apart?
    how big could the caravan be??
  6. Avatar
    Do these work abroad or are they locked to the UK online?
    Anonymous User
    It clearly states unlocked. I mean, it’s literally the first word. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Looks a generic make - Essentials however adequate specifications and good price for its function 🔥
  8. Avatar
    Out of interest is there any advantage over using a spare tethered mobile?
    Save on battery on your phone.
  9. Avatar
    Went for one thanks. Missed the discount code though 🤦‍♂️
  10. Avatar
    What 4G and 3G bands does it support?
    900mhz 3G?
  11. Avatar
    Wasn't aware of these. Do mains powered ones exist and can they be an economical way of having WiFi for occasional/intermittent use without having to sign up for an expensive broadband contract (eg in a holiday home)?
    Yes they do. Lots of options but something like this is ideal if you only need WiFi for a small space: Deal: Tenda 4G03 4G LTE Wi-Fi Router, SIM Slot Unlocked, 300Mbps Cat4 Mobile Wi-Fi Router,No Configuration Required, Up to 32 Devices Connectivity, 2-Port Ethernet,UK Plug amzn.eu/d/f…eX1
  12. Avatar
    Was thinking of getting a backup for my Internet at home. Any good deals for sim cards to use with this ? Decent gigs to be used over a year? (edited)
    I'm interested too.. would be nice for backup.
  13. Avatar
    Do you need a dedicated data SIM for this or a standard SIM that's got data on it and calls will that work too
    Any sim with data will work
  14. Avatar
    Any issues with me using this in Japan?
  15. Avatar
    Something to bear in mind, if you have an old smartphone laying around which can tether, you can essentially use it in a very similar manner to this