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Pre- Order Nokia Lumia 630 £149.98 @ Unlocked Mobiles.com
Found 19th May 2014Found 19th May 2014
Pre- Order Nokia Lumia 630 £149.98 @ Unlocked Mobiles.com
Pre Order The New Lumia 630. Quad core.. stats below great phone for those on a budget and wanting the new 8.1 without the glitches that the 620 apparently has Display With touch… Read more

£79 on CPW pay and go upgrade.... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nokia-lumia-630-newly-released-wp8-1-phone-just-79-95-pay-go-upgrade-virgin-vodafone-1911709


[quote=KTF]I have a 620. What are these glitches you mention?[/quote I'm not sure which is better cos i was thinking of buying a nokia 620 before I seen this. I like the bigger screen here (lower ppi v Nokia 620) and newer operating system and newer processor also are good. Only positives for Nokia 620 are dual band wifi + front facing camera although the camera I can sacrifice so i think the 630 at £90 would be better for me.


£90 on release day.. cold


I have a 620. What are these glitches you mention?


Considering Lumia 630's have been announced as being £89 when they come out, this is a colossal rip off

** Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom SIM-Free (White) now £189.98 @ Unlocked-Mobiles.com **
Found 14th May 2014Found 14th May 2014
** Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom SIM-Free (White) now £189.98 @ Unlocked-Mobiles.com **
Lowest price I think. Free next day delivery and free insurance for 3 months. Not for me but good if you are looking for one. The Best Camera on Any Samsung Phone The camera on … Read more



I have used Unlocked Mobiles twice and they are reliable even spoken to them on the phone they are based in Birmingham UK.


There's only one way to find out... fight!


Nokia 1020 :-}


That looks just as good as the real thing!

Nokia Lumia 930 Sim Free - Pre Order - Windows 8.1 @ £524 @ unlocked-mobiles.com
Found 12th May 2014Found 12th May 2014
Nokia Lumia 930 Sim Free - Pre Order - Windows 8.1 @ £524 @ unlocked-mobiles.com
Expected Release Date June 24th The latest Windows phone experience from Nokia is the Lumia 930 with its 5 inch display and 20 megapixel camera. Display With touch screen technol… Read more

Right. I just assumed it would drop. I bought the 925 for my girlfriend and it dropped like a dead weight. We bought it in September and by December it had dropped by around £50 retail. You can now pick it up for £140 via o2 refresh - half what we paid at the time.


Not seen it happening with the 1520 so far............ And this is a 1520 'mini'


Looks like a great phone, though I expect prices to drop considerably within the first few months (much more so than equivalent android/apple phones).

Sony Xperia Z2 with Free sony speaker,headphones & content (worth £200) @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 27th Feb 2014Found 27th Feb 2014
Sony Xperia Z2 with Free sony speaker,headphones & content (worth £200) @ Unlocked Mobiles
Hi, first deal so go easy guys! So, I have been watching MWC mobile announcements this week and currently deciding between galaxy s5 or sony z2. Saw this deal on my twitter feed a… Read more

Does it come with a dock? I forgot about the dock as I have an Acro S - think I might actually have a dock for it somewhere. I wouldn't mind getting some bluetooth headphones anyway for use running/cycling/motorcycling. (Ideally with a throat mic if I want to make/receive calls too.)


The new Z1 and Z2 still use flaps for charging through micro USB. Its part of the waterproofing. The only way to charge the device without actually using the flaps is to use the gold connectors on the side for docking. Agree with the headphone jacks not being covered though. Thank god for that. It was irritating like hell on my Xperia Z to have to open a flap just to plug in my headphones.


+1. I'm going to second that. Aside from my update to 4.3 I haven't got a peep out of HTC. No updates to fix bugs like the keyboard crashing or variable wifi signal/slightly dodgy battery life. Bit miffed I have to say looking at it now. Prior to that my Xperia Z got two updates in the six months I had it and although it didn't get 4.2.2 it still got more updates than my HTC.


Does anyone know what the 'content' is? I want a modern phone that has Ant+ and can get wet - so it's this or the S5. I do quite like the idea of 120fps for playing with the dog and slowing it to 15fps or whatever. (4k I don't care about so much, likely my 60d will do much but at 1080p than this will at 4k if I need 'high quality'.) S5 has an (easily) removable battery, but these days not so bothered by that.


Trouble is, will the new HTC One ever see an update....let alone 2 years of support. HTC have a really bad reputation, deservedly so, for not really caring about support for older devices, for that read the one they've just sold you.

LG G2 SIM Free (Black) £340.97 @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 31st Jan 2014Found 31st Jan 2014
LG G2 SIM Free (Black) £340.97 @ Unlocked Mobiles
This was mentioned on the Z1 thread for the same retailer but that deal has now expired so I thought this deserved it's own thread. Awesome phone at this price point. From Techra… Read more
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available at Amazon for 339

Sony Xperia Z1 Sim Free (White) for £355.97 delivered from Unlocked Mobiles
Found 30th Jan 2014Found 30th Jan 2014
Sony Xperia Z1 Sim Free (White) for £355.97 delivered from Unlocked Mobiles
Seems like a cracking deal for the Xperia Z1 for £355.97 delivered from Unlocked Mobiles. I can only see this in white, the black version is not available. Amazon UK price: £515… Read more

Its only hot when its valid as soon as its expired its cold. Makes sense to me. Whats the point in voting hot for a deal when its no longer valid, people will see it becuase its hot then realise its actually expired and be like wtf!


How can it be cold? Expired, yes, but not cold since the deal was for the phone at £356 not £515. :|


£515 cold


This, the G2 or the Nexus 5. I've played about with the G2 and the N5, G2 seems like a beefed up N5 and on this site there's almost no price difference. How does the Z1 compare to both of those?


Sony or Lucky Goldstar? Thats not a choice

Sony Xperia Z Tablet £280.97 @  Unlockedmobiles.com -
Found 3rd Dec 2013Found 3rd Dec 2013
Sony Xperia Z Tablet £280.97 @ Unlockedmobiles.com -
This seems to be a very good price, especially as Google have not released a new Nexus 10" Specifications Dimensions : 266 x 172 x 6.9 mm (10.47 x 6.77 x 0.27 in) Operating Syste… Read more
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Got mine on Thursday and it's awesome.


Looks like this, the note 10,note 10 2013 and nexus 10 are the best. What's everyone's opinions?


Someone expire the deal as price has gone up £374.00


Hot from me!


Update on order. The comments for your order are Stock sold out yesterday evening. Has been listed out of stock for 24 hrs. It was a great price.

Nokia Lumia 1020 (unlocked): £549.98 (£458.32 exc VAT) @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 6th Aug 2013Found 6th Aug 2013
Nokia Lumia 1020 (unlocked): £549.98 (£458.32 exc VAT) @ Unlocked Mobiles
The Nokia Lumia 1020 simply has the best camera of any mobile phone ever created. Unlocked Mobiles seems to have it much cheaper than other stores, eg Clove (£588.00), Expansys (£… Read more
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Sheeps and drones dismissing Windows Phones. I was tempted to continue to rap my reply but couldnt be bothered. So, Wp. It doesnt have as many apps as iphone or Android but it has plenty to keep people happy (if they took off their blinkers and gave something a chance). Ive had a WP7 handset for nearly two years and have always been happy with it. The UI is far slicker than other phone OS Ive used. The massive benefit of this phone is the camera which destroys all the opposition. Only the Samsung S4 comes anywhere near it and thats a long way off.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (as a replacement for my Samsung S3) and with my contract coming to an end this October I think the 1020 will be my handset of choice. With the S4 and 1020, I will have all bases covered - especially as I can pop the work sim into one or the other.


you have to laugh at the trolling chavs who buy not what works best for them but what they are told they should .. Iphone hasn't innovated for several generations and is getting eviscerated by Samsung's android phones which earns Microsoft in licence fees more per copy than its margin on Windows phone .. LOL I have a windows phone and IMHO I think it's the best (for my uses) smartphone os by miles .. I accept there are still a few key apps where the services own versions are not available, but in these cases (eg Dropbox) the 3rd part apps eg boxfiles are way way better and more functionally rich than the ios service providers clients. Try windows phone and see .. its pretty damned good if you can get over being a hater In terms of tablets (as I'm not a trolling chav) I buy what works for me and by a country mile the retina 4:3 screened ipad 4/3 is head and shoulders the best tablet .. superb as an ebook reader, email client is a bit crappy (nowhere as near as bad as the windows 8 email client which has to be the worst ever made), great for music etc .. try one and see, I will be upgrading my years old bullet proof windows phone 7 (like the small thin form factor) to an 1020 at some point (camera offsets the bigger screen size issue for me) but NOT at this price .. Best of all though whether you are a Hater or not is that for the rest of us it forces Apple and the Android crew to up their games camera wise to be in the same ball game .. good on you Nokia ! despite MS doing sod all work on the Os (other than a port to win 8) and leaving it to you


I am sooooo bored with this argument. It a personal preference thing, nothing to do with how good a deal this is. If I put a deal on here for bananas you wouldn't come on and say "amazing FRUIT, shame its not an orange" It's either a good deal or a bad deal for the thing the OP has posted. Comments like this are likely to sway people to vote negatively. Judge the deal, not the product. Please.


Coming from an Andriod phone (HTC Sensation to 920) 10 months ago, I found WinPho8 a far better fit for me. I seem to be the only one that doesn't want a notification centre. If I want to know an app has something for me, I have the live tile where I can see it. My Sensation gave me so many notifications, I couldn't see the ones I cared about. They didn't even clear when they were no longer relevant forcing me to swipe them away. The apps are improving from launch, but I've yet to find one I need that isn't there. As for the non removable battery, I've yet to have a battery go on any of the phones I've ever had, but I've had plenty of phone drops where I've had to go running after the battery. It's not difficult to take it apart and change the one that's there, you just need the screwdrivers. I'd love to get hold of this phone, but I've still got 14 months on my contract :(

Samsung Galaxy S4 ACTIVE Sim Free for £494.98 @ unlocked-mobiles.com
Found 21st Jul 2013Found 21st Jul 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 ACTIVE Sim Free for £494.98 @ unlocked-mobiles.com
Don't confuse this with the regular Samsung Galaxy S4. This is the IP67 rated version: - IP67 certified - dust and water resistant - Water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes … Read more
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i did explain it in a post, however somebody has seen fit to remove it. since the 1st may ive had 6 s4's (3 for me and 3 for the wife) and 1 active, all suffered an issue when in poor reception and all have now been returned to the retailer. After disconnecting and reconnecting from the network due to poor reception, they would randomly stop connecting all together, irrespective of if in a place of excellent reception. a reboot was the only fix. Samsung have confirm there is an issue and are looking into it, but haven't found whats causing it or how to fix it yet. i have an email from samsung confirming this. There are a number of forums filled with people having the same issue, and all appear to be on tmobile like myself. i did try an o2 for a couple of days, and there was no issue. I would suggest that the issue may be limited to tmobile so beware.


Does anyone know where to get the orange S4 Active in the UK? It looks quite nice compared to the boring old grey.


This phone is perfect for doing a poo.


issue? sounds like trolling to me. :-)


What issue?

s4 mini sim free unlocked £365 @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 26th Jun 2013Found 26th Jun 2013
s4 mini sim free unlocked £365 @ Unlocked Mobiles
best price ive seen for a good new handset if your thinking the s4 is too big , this could be for you .free next day delivery from a good uk company Are we any good? Unlocked-M… Read more

sorry, what?


no matter what u think its worth end if day its hundreds cheaper than high street and goes cold haha love itttttxx


This phone needs to be closer to £300 imo. Yes it ticks a lot of boxes but the S4 can be had for not much more than this phones current list price. As usual it's priced high becuase it's new. Give it a month or two and watch the price drop.


Cheaper here http://www.i-store-online.com/product_info.php?currency=GBP&language=en&info=p77986_samsung-galaxy-s4-mini-gt-i9195-android-8gb-3g-white.html


I think its about right for what your getting

Nokia Lumia 925 @ unlocked-mobiles - sim free £464.98 + £5.99 for delivery
Found 22nd Jun 2013Found 22nd Jun 2013
Nokia Lumia 925 @ unlocked-mobiles - sim free £464.98 + £5.99 for delivery
Excellent phone, based on the Nokia Lumia 920, but without the heft. Great screen and has one of the best lowlight quality for a camera phone. Seems like a good deal. Not all colo… Read more

I had a play with one of these, guy at work bought one. Must say I prefer the heftiness of my 920 which I have dropped many times & still works fantastically. The weight saving isn't something I'd go for but as it's a tarted up 920 with a slightly better lens then it will be a good phone.


Voted HOT but agree completely. The forthcoming EOS model could be a potentially groundbreaking product if it has the camera that's been rumoured in a thin body. On a side note, I don't understand what Nokia are playing at. I wanted the original Lumia 920 but they gave exclusivity to EE for several months and now with the 925 you can only get the 32GB model on Vodafone. Don't Nokia want customers to buy their products or something?! Pity, as they're products are so good...


Windows (phone) 8 cold.


yep great phone .. but witrh the nokia EOS announced in a couple of weeks .. you gotta wait and see before paying a full ticket price ont he current facelifted last gen win 8 handsets

Found 18th Mar 2013Found 18th Mar 2013
Personally I think is overpriced , but it may be a deal for someone... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… Read more

you changed your mind about getting an s3 extremely fast there


Cancelled my HTC one order due to asda taking forever to deliver. This is the best price for the s4 so no need for the cold votes. This is a site to save money on select items and as it cannot be found cheaper its the best deal. Hot and ordered... Thanks OP


It is a high price but the Sony Experia Z is only very slightly cheaper and Amazon are charging £529 for the HTC One pre-order. So can we have a little less of the Samsung bashing?


Windows Phone is already proven to outperform Android with half the RAM and CPU cores. So if the new Nokia is quad core / 1 GB RAM it will be faster / smoother anyway. The new Lumia is rumoured to have a 41 Megapixel PureView camera...but also to note that the Lumia 920 already has a better lens and optical image stabilisation than the S4 - so even that will likely remain a better camera than any phone from Samsung. It certainly still beats the S4: http://winsource.com/2013/03/29/galaxy-s4-vs-lumia-920-low-light-photos-shows-nokia-is-still-king/ "As you can see the Lumia 920 easily outshines the Galaxy S4."


Why do people complain Apple stuff is expensive. At £529 this is wayy expensive and considering crap plastic finish where samsung can never match Apple.. I think a much better phone is the Nexus 4 and that too for just £239 https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_4_16gb&feature=device-featured#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDIwMiwibnVsbC13ZWJfaG9tZV81MDAwMDA1X25leHVzVUtfZGV2aWNlc19HQl9fNTAwMDAwNV9uZXh1c1VLXzFfcHJvbW9fMTM1Nzg3NDcyMjEzNSJd

Nokia Lumia 620 Pre-Order Sim Free - £180.97 delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles.com
Found 14th Dec 2012Found 14th Dec 2012
Nokia Lumia 620 Pre-Order Sim Free - £180.97 delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles.com
Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone 8 device on the market, rivals the HTC 8S but has twice the internal memory as well as Nokia's exclusive apps such as Drive+. Phone is £174.98 with … Read more

It's still not a bad price for an unlocked WP8 device considering how much heat the HTC 8S got on here.


No, the prices went up for everyone, in the end not the great deal it appeared to be.


I agree, will the pre orders still pay the lower price? im struggling to find info on the site


:( indeed, says £214.98 inc VAT. Still not a bad price, but not quite the steal it was.


expired im afraid the price has gone up to £214.98

HTC 8S Windows 8 Phone - £224.98 @ Unlocked-Mobiles.com
Found 20th Sep 2012Found 20th Sep 2012
HTC 8S Windows 8 Phone - £224.98 @ Unlocked-Mobiles.com
Whole worlds gone upside down. Intel going inside Mobile Phones ARM going inside Windows For those of you looking for a 'Cheap' Windows 8 phone. Look no further. HTC have now a… Read more
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lmaoooooo, when has the iphone put a nail into anything, theyre all poo! granted i havent tried windows phone, but it has to be better than any crapple product, theyre all poo


Nokia will have an offline satnav in Windows Phone 8 devices. Not sure about other manfs: http://conversations.nokia.com/2012/09/06/nokia-maps-for-windows-phone-8-goes-offline/


Not a deal tbh - it's the budget windows phone 8, and this is the RRP..so I don't get why this is so hot. Thats quite apart from the fact that the Lumia's are better devices!


Should have been released for Android to have a future, so cold.


[image missing]

Pre order HTC 8X Windows Phone Sim Free for £398.98 from Unlocked Mobiles
Found 20th Sep 2012Found 20th Sep 2012
Pre order HTC 8X Windows Phone Sim Free for £398.98 from Unlocked Mobiles
Recently announced HTC Windows 8 flagship device. I was considering Nokia Lumia 920, but if this will be cheaper I can go this. Specs: http://www.htc.com/www/smartphones/htc-wp-8… Read more

For the Lumia lovers: Linky.


lumia 920 is said to be like £480 and samsung ativ s is like £440. If this will be the case I will go for HTC 8X


Now £399 on Amazon


amazon lists 8x for £531.43 http://www.amazon.co.uk/HTC-Windows-Phone-Free-Smartphone/dp/B009E3RST0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1348665583&sr=8-3


Also the Lumia 920 is a slightly updated 900 (so still quite chunky/thick) whereas the HTC 8X is a new design and very thin - definitely worth holding each in your hand before you decide which you want to be carrying around!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2..SIM FREE...Available For Pre-Order NOW.....£544 + £5.99 Delivery For 16GB Model @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 10th Sep 2012Found 10th Sep 2012
Samsung Galaxy Note 2..SIM FREE...Available For Pre-Order NOW.....£544 + £5.99 Delivery For 16GB Model @ Unlocked Mobiles
Be one of the first to Own Available to Pre-Order NOW. The most amazing Smartphone yet. £5.99 Next Day Delivery The gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note 2 'phablet' is now available fo… Read more

1920x1080 in a 5in screen about 440ppi - blimey


Just noticed... in a matter of 2 months, this phone has dropped £100?! Thinking of waiting until January to get mine, just so I can justify the purchase.


This has finally been released in the US but not sure when it's coming to the UK, hopefully next month! http://www.htc.com/us/smartphones/htc-droid-dna-verizon/index.page


When i turn on my Galaxy Note it smiles at me and brightens up my morning, however, when i turn on my iPhone in the morning it just sits there looking at me waiting to be told what to do , no smile no response. dull and lifeless


Actually, a deal more expensive than the RRP is never hot.. so your point is invalid.

New LG Optimus 3D Max Sim Free - £394.98 inc. VAT from UnlockedMobiles.com
Found 2nd May 2012Found 2nd May 2012
New LG Optimus 3D Max Sim Free - £394.98 inc. VAT from UnlockedMobiles.com
Just been released and looking hot... LG 3D Max - skinnier, faster and more handsome successor of the bulky LG Optimus 3D handset is now available via the ordinary mobile retailers… Read more
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Oh well - can't win em' all. I'm still going to get one - I love 3D.


After 6 months of waiting, any phone upgrade to ICS that hasn't already been announced - is probably not going to happen - or be a non event because of the wait time... So, the only other avenue is homebrew ROM - check out XDA forums to see what is happening.


Can you expand on that comment please? Curious.


Can't comment on the rest of your post, but having an LG O2X, I can comment on the last comment about ICS being released "soon".... When I got my O2X they said Gingerbread would be out "soon" and sold millions on that premise.... over a year later and they released it and it was the biggest pile of steaming sh*te ever... Luckily the developer community bought out CM7 and other roms... if it wasn't for CM7 then I would have binned £400 worth of phone a long time ago. Will NEVER trust LG again after that.


You will be trading the SGS2 in to buy this? do you have a mental condition, this phone is brand new and is £394 the SGS2 is 12 months old and is still around the same price i would check the specs as i bet they are not much better than the SGS2 and the galaxy will still be a better phone in 6 months time the galaxy will be worth twice what this will be and it will sink without trace just like the LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D which both can be bought brand new for £204. If you can afford to throw money away then buy this phone but you will regret it every day. Original has around 6 hour battery life and updates from LG are non existent its just got Gingerbread when everyone else is getting ICS, Missis had the original at launch she had it on pre for months and was £399 and shes sold it after not even 6 months and is now using a OrangeSF with a **** USB socket because she hated the phone that much. The Phone on the mobile phone buying sites is worth £120 after only 6 months that's a loss of £260 and i know this is the new version of it but the original was the worst phone ever made and this will be no better, LG are poor with support and updates i personally wouldn't want this if you where to give it away you can get the HTC oneX for around the same and with the SGS3 being unleashed today you would be mental to buy this when for a bit more you will be able to buy the best phone in the world very soon. Before buying read this and i bet you dont buy. http://androidcommunity.com/lg-optimus-3d-max-rears-its-head-in-latest-benchmarks-20120412/ Sub Zero.

Preorder Nokia Lumia 610 Sim Free £164.98 Delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 23rd Apr 2012Found 23rd Apr 2012
Preorder Nokia Lumia 610 Sim Free £164.98 Delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
Pre Order. Lowest Sim-Free Price! Pre Order. Expected on 14/05/2012. Next Day Delivery FREE Insurance Handset will work on any network The Nokia Lumia 610 Sim Free Unlocked mobil… Read more

skype will run on this device


if this is 165 sim free it will probably be cheaper than the 710 at carphonewarehouse on pay as you go once available


The newly launched Skype app wont run on this phone. Cold.


Cold. This phone sucks


Yup, you can get the 710 at CPW for around £130 and dont have to wait. Cold I'm afraid.

Sony Xperia P Sim Free PreOrder 1Ghz Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 4" qHD screen, 8 MP camera £224.98 @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 20th Apr 2012Found 20th Apr 2012
Sony Xperia P Sim Free PreOrder 1Ghz Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 4" qHD screen, 8 MP camera £224.98 @ Unlocked Mobiles
Pre-Order- due 07/05/12, £5.99 for Next Day Delivery. £330-£380 at most online retailers (play.com, handtec etc) Great price for upper-mid range phone (yes its 2.3 but will be upd… Read more
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Lucky you I'm still waiting :( hopefully mine will be dispatched tomorrow...


Been Dispatched today, we'll see if it was worth the wait ;o)


Got the same reply and was thinking next stock? they haven't even had any yet...


Got an email back from them today... "We are hoping that our next stock arrives this week." Just fills you with confidence.


Is anyone still waiting for one or has everyone given up?

HTC Flyer 32GB Android Tablet 3G WiFi £379 @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 4th Dec 2011Found 4th Dec 2011
HTC Flyer 32GB Android Tablet 3G WiFi £379 @ Unlocked Mobiles
reckon this is the cheapest so far...... and the best part... 2 yrs warranty !!!! In Stock. Next Day Delivery. Lowest Sim-Free Price. Great Service! Call customer service with an… Read more

Better off buying the Xoom or the Sony Tablet at that price.


Really confusing price for this :) Nice build qual though.


Voted hot on price, but have to agree with ashok.


Expensive tablet... I don't know why they have not reduced the price......

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone - £190.97 delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 18th Oct 2011Found 18th Oct 2011
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone - £190.97 delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
not as cheap as o2 but black and instock sim free too

its a good price for this phone but if you want to wait for the right time it will go to about 150


chitterchatter have them back in stock...but at a marked up price. £189.99 with no credit http://www.chitterchatter.co.uk/sony-ericsson/sony-ericsson-xperia-play-sim-free-pa-129.php ..but: http://www.chitterchatter.co.uk/sony-ericsson/sony-ericsson-xperia-play-pa-110.php


ive just put an extra coat on 3 weeks ago this would have been mega hot oh well winters coming


just bought one from foniacs for £179


I think it's so frozen its stuck...

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone - £190.97 delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 30th Sep 2011Found 30th Sep 2011
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone - £190.97 delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
£184.98 + £5.99 delivery Pre Order for stock arriving next week. no telephone support The Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY Sim Free mobile phone has arrived. The first Android gaming… Read more

cheaper on ebuyer http://www.ebuyer.com/284164-sony-ericsson-xperia-play-unlocked-sim-free-1256-6228


i got a 16gb card also, im well chuffed about it, ordered another phone as welll for my mate,


Not on the box or even in the box, just came with one in. I was kinda gutted since I just invested in a 16gb micro sd to put in when it arrived, spent 15 big ones too.


does the box say whether it includes 8 or 16 gb card or is it just luck what you get ? thanks


Mine came today and actually got a 16gb microsd card with it, just spreading the word. It even said 8gb on the website.

Blackberry Curve 9360 (Sim Free) - £260.97 Delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 25th Sep 2011Found 25th Sep 2011
Blackberry Curve 9360 (Sim Free) - £260.97 Delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
SIM-free Blackberry Curve 9360 for £260.97 delivered, with next day delivery from unlocked-mobiles.com. I've never heard of them, but their reviews seem solid enough. The next ch… Read more
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I gave heat because I haven't seen this handset available anywhere else and having had my hands on one can honestly say it's worlds apart from the previous Curve handsets. The design is very nice and not as plastic and cheap as the 9300 and 8520. Also the actual hardware decimates the outgoing Bold 9780 which never normally happens - this time round you get an 800Mhz CPU, OS7 (which is slick), the same resolution screen as the 9780 (and therefore much higher than the old Curves) and a 5 megapixel camera. If you were sitting on the fence before, but want a decent BlackBerry, this one does the trick just fine. Only thing I'll say, is that as other suppliers get stock, this should drop in price back down to nearer £200 or under (when subsidized) where it probably belongs.


Yeah, I agree that the price should be lower, but after having had read through a mountain of reviews, I've come to the reasoned point that there isn't too much between this and the new Bold, touchscreen excepted. Sure the Bold has beefier internals, and a bigger, badder keyboard, but it is near enough double the price. I don't think that the dough bump is worth the extras offered. At least not for me, I've tried the Bold and really thought the touchscreen was gratuitous. Still, agreed; it is a little pricey for an entry level number. Thanks for the heat!




Btw, this is an OK deal but RRP of this should be MUCH lower as Curve is supposed to be the budget end and aiming mainly at teenagers. Heated for you :)


You have sick and twisted mind, Sir!

Nokia BH-700 Bluetooth Headset - £13.28 Delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 4th Mar 2011Found 4th Mar 2011
Nokia BH-700 Bluetooth Headset - £13.28 Delivered @ Unlocked Mobiles
Nokia BH-700 Bluetooth Headset. Incorporating all the features of wireless technology to communication with your mobile phone, this device aids in making sure your hands are not ti… Read more

Delivery: ---- Accessories & Sim Cards: 1) UK Royal Mail Special Delivery £5.99 NEXT DAY (Signed For) 2) UK Royal Mail First Class Recorded. UK Domestic £1.99

Found 26th Dec 2010Found 26th Dec 2010
In Stock. Next Day Delivery. Lowest Sim-Free Price. Great Service! Call customer service with any questions on 0870 7565 314. The Apple iPhone 4 16GB mobile phone has arrived. Th… Read more

** Please note, clearance handsets are white boxed. Although most handsets do include the full amount of original accessories, only the Phone, Battery and Charger can be fully guaranteed.


Not much of a saving considering the phone might be 'Used' 'Refurbished' 'Returns' and it probably doesn't come with it's original box with original accessories.


I don't think I payed much more for this on day one. Cold from me.


also site looks dodgy and they can't spell, in title it says unlocked but in description it says orange locked devise, steer well clear i think


Exactly I would rather buy direct from apple.