unlocked nokia 2710 navigator from nokia on-line £99 - quidco 18% @ Nokia
unlocked nokia 2710 navigator from nokia on-line £99 - quidco 18% @ Nokia

unlocked nokia 2710 navigator from nokia on-line £99 - quidco 18% @ Nokia

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I've had this phone for about a week now and have tried most functions. This phone is ideal for those wishing to buy a phone and a gps (satnav) system. This may sound obvious but it's never that simple. There are quite a few phones for less money that boast gps, but sadly all are only a-gps and therefore rely on connecting (gprs) to the phone mast for assistance as to location. This isn't a problem if you have a contract with data included.If you are PAYG then this will cost £ - how much will depend on how far you travel and the detail of mapping downloaded as well. If you are abroad then this will cost ££ even if on a contract. If like me you are a light user and can't justify a contract then this is the best solution. Having a built in gps receiver and turn by turn voice navigation works well. In the "on-foot" mode it loses the voice navigation but with a built in compass gives you pointer information to the destination - sadly this cannot be input by lat long co-ordinates. Maps are pre-loaded for the area you are in ie UK. Other maps for the rest of the world can be downloaded from the internet (OVI) for free for life on to the supplied 2gb memory card, it also comes with a mobile holder for fixing to your windscreen and in car charger. It's unlocked to any network (except 3). Camera 2mp is ok as is radio and mp3 player. This is also a good solution for motorcyclists not wishing to spend a fortune on a motorcycle gps system which are around £300. if you go to nokia shop online via quidco it's only £83 after cashback 18%.


Good is you want non-touch. £30 more is the touchscreen 5230 at Nokia. £120 at play.com, and below £100 with network lock google shopping search.

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believe the 5230 is a-gps.

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Thanks veedubjal, you are right and i was told wrong - thanks vodafone live chat help!!
Be interesting to know how much an unlocked 5230 with 2gb card, phone holder and in car charger would cost in comparison.
The 2710 also has 6 hours in navigation mode between charges.

A-GPS means the phone has a GPS receiver but also is capable of using network cell tower locations to speed up a GPS lock. Most phones will allow you to disable this assisted function and still let you use just the GPS receiver chip, but will mean the lock will take longer and your phone will need a clear view of the sky, whereas with A-GPS activated most phones can even get a lock indoors quickly. I've not ever heard of a phone which has A-GPS but didn't also have a GPS chip. Both go hand in hand.

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Thanks jammer, it seems the more you uncover the deeper the plot thickens - this from the a-gps page of wikipedia -

A typical A-GPS-enabled receiver will use a data connection (Internet or other) to contact the assistance server for A-GPS information. Some A-GPS devices cannot fall back to standard GPS, needing cell tower or internet signal as these A-GPS devices won't function with only GPS satellite signal.

more from wikipedia - gps navigation devices page - mobile phones with gps capability

Some phones with GPS capability work by assisted GPS (A-GPS) only, and do not function when out of range of their carrier's cell towers. Others can navigate worldwide with satellite GPS signals as a dedicated portable GPS receiver does, upgrading their operation to A-GPS mode when in range.
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