Unlocked Nokia 5230 PAYG £74.95 + £10 topup @ Phones4U
Unlocked Nokia 5230 PAYG £74.95 + £10 topup @ Phones4U

Unlocked Nokia 5230 PAYG £74.95 + £10 topup @ Phones4U

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This isnt a scorching deal but I think it is the best payg deal for this phone and very good value.
It is the model down from the nokia 5800.
The phone it self is £74.95
It has the main 5800 features except wifi, lower quality camera, and no front camera
It does have 3G, accelerometer and GPS and is a very good phone.
You get free ovi maps which means driving or walking navigation WORLDWIDE for free, although this requires a microSD card.
Ideal for those that dont top up £10 a month so dont want a contract but on orange dolphin you still get free web when you top up that month, you also get 300 txts after each top up. and dont forget orange wednesdays.
Yes you can get it on t-mobile for £79.99 with 6 months web but t-mobile dont really give you any free txts/mins when you top up.
for this deal you do need to buy £10 orange airtime hence the price but of course if you still want to use a different network you can as its unlocked. I know it is unlocked because i have bought it and can confirm it is


but how do u no its unlocked
and you need to edit ur title "price subject to purchasing £10 Orange airtime"!!!!

I don't know about it being unlocked but you should definitely get the £6.50 Quidco on a PAYG phone, bringing it down to £78.45 including the £10 top-up.

hi! Does anyone know how to unlock it as i am looking forward to buy this phone on tesco network as they are also selling at the same price without buying any top-up???

could not b unlocked

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Sorry for the confusion. I have just bought it and can confirm it is unlocked as i tried a tesco sim in it.

This is a good deal but from what I was told when I bought it 2 weeks back, there are no guarantees that the phone is unlocked...

I bought a 5230 BLACK instore at 79.95 + 10£ top up with Vodafone and it was unlocked....There were also phones avlb with Orange but they were definitely unlocked....Online, at that pt, was 5 £ cheaper but there was no BLACK, only PURPLE and the salesperson at the shop said there are no guarantees of it being unlocked even on Vodafone...didnt want to take a chance hence paid 5£ more...

Anyway phone is a great... Pity it doesnt have WiFi otherwise it is perfect... I'm not too fussed about the weak camera though and the OVI Maps feature is really good though its a pain to instal it...

Hope all this helps someone...

Good find mate!

have some heat and rep!:thumbsup:

Thought the 5230 (like the 5800) is a BB5 handset therefore unlockable for about a tenner. The N97 and the X6 are SL3 however andas only one guy has the algo for it, he wants 45 quid each time!

How does this compare with the 5530 then? :thinking:

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The 5530 has a smaller screen and wifi. I dont think it has GPS but may be wrong. I think it is less common in the UK

I got this phone yesterday (Voda from Phones4U). Unlocked and unbranded so nice and easy to update to the latest firmware.

I'm going to use this with Garmin XT and Nokia Sportstracker on my bike so its perfect for what I want it for and a really cheap option to boot.

FYI, it's also white and silver so it doesn't appear like a girls phone.


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