Unoffical Remote and Nunchuck Controller for Wii £15 @ DealExtreme
Unoffical Remote and Nunchuck Controller for Wii £15 @ DealExtreme

Unoffical Remote and Nunchuck Controller for Wii £15 @ DealExtreme

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Almost Perfect Fake

For those that have said this is cold can you please explain, Why?

User Feedback
Pros: Really looks and feels like the original product. Almost impossible the see the difference from the real ones. Works very well too.

Cons: None really. The packaging was only some plastic wrap but the product was not damaged so it don´t really matter. The sound in the controller might differ a little bit from the original.

Other Thoughts: Very impressed overall of this product.

Bottomline: Can´t see any reason to buy the much more expensive original product when this one works so well. Will defenetivly buy more of these and recommend to friends too.

Pros: To the untrained eye, you'd swear it came straight from Nintendo! Very solid build, speaker and vibration motor was on par (if not better) than original Wii motes! Lanyard is the newer locking version (I've had the Wii since day one and have had all 3 versions produced by Nintendo)(No one has mentioned this so I tested it) The Mii transfer option worked with out any errors!
Last item: No difference found in the Nunchuck versus an origial.

Cons: As another poster mentioned, the response time is more than twice as fast as normal Nintendo Wii Motes. This should not be an issue that I can see unless you play shooters like House of the Dead / Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles.

Other Thoughts: Small differences found: Home picture is a darker blue than standard Wii Mote (not a big deal of course). The LED's are much brighter than standard. I cannot say which one I prefer. Again, does not effect game play.

Bottomline: Having two Wii systems made it a pain to keep re-syncing them so this purchase was well worth it! I may have to get another to keep with me. It synced perfectly with my Tapwave Zodiac with use on the LJP emulator!


If you don't mind unofficial controllers then that's a very good price. I've never had any problems with Deal Extreme (though I know a fair few folks have) so would be getting this if I didn't already have as many official controllers as I need.


May not work with Wii Motion Plus adapter though?? I haven't tried personally but looks like these guys have:

Of course if you don't want to use Motion+ they work fine.

I've looked at the pictures and can't tell the difference. I guess it is all down to the performance. Gonna have a punt on one for my old man. Certain he won't tell the difference!!!:-D

These were on here a while ago and I took a punt with 2 pairs after seeing the reviews (bought the black version). They are very good - everything from packaging and to build quality to functionality. None of us could tell the difference between these and the official ones (except colour ;-)).

bought two just before christmas, They are brill, can't tell them apart from the real ones. and so far had no problems with them
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