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[PS4] Unravel Yarny Bundle / Terrarria / Uncharted: Lost Legacy £10 each, The Escapists 1+2 - £12.99 each free C&C Only @ Smyths toys
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[PS4] Unravel Yarny Bundle / Terrarria / Uncharted: Lost Legacy £10 each, The Escapists 1+2 - £12.99 each free C&C Only @ Smyths toys

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

As usual, only some of the stores have some stock. (Price drop ...)

Product Description

Discover the delightful adventures of Unravel and Unravel Two, with the Unravel Yarny Bundle. In Unravel, join Yarny, a lovable and endearing character made from a single thread of yarn, that slowly unravels as he embarks on a seemingly larger than life journey. Inspired by the unique and breath- taking environments of Northern Scandinavia, Unravel is a visually stunning, physics-based puzzle platformer about love, hope and the journey of life. In Unravel Two, create a Yarny of your very own. Then build relationships with other Yarnys in local co-op or as a single player, fostering friendship and support as you journey together. Begin your adventure in a cold and imposing land, then watch your surroundings blossom with new life as you chase the spark of adventure. The Yarny Bundle includes Unravel and Unravel Two.
Terraria PS4 £103406005.jpgFeatures
Now Includes:
  • Expert Mode
  • New Biomes
  • 800 New Items
  • 500 New Crafting Recipes
  • 100 New Enemies
  • 14 New Bosses
Product Description
The critically acclaimed sandbox adventure… keeps…getting…better!
Dig, fight, explore and build in Terraria’s ultimate console edition. Discover Terraria’s expanded console world, where action packed adventure is just a pickaxe swing away!

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for £10
3406005.jpgProduct Description
From critically acclaimed developer Naughty Dog comes the first standalone adventure in Uncharted franchise history led by fan- favourite character, Chloe Frazer.

In order to recover a fabled ancient Indian artefact and keep it out of the hands of a ruthless war profiteer, Chloe Frazer must enlist the aid of renowned mercenary Nadine Ross (from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End).

Venturing deep into India’s Western Ghats mountain range, Chloe and Nadine must learn to work together to unearth the artefact and fight their way through fierce opposition to prevent the region from falling into chaos.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will come with access to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer and Survival modes. Online multiplayer on PS4 requires a PlayStation Plus membership.
The Escapists + The Escapists 2 Double Pack PS4 for £12.99

Product Description

Start plotting your next escape as The Escapists and The Escapists 2 get locked up together in a double pack! The Escapists is a unique prison sandbox experience with lots of items to craft and combine in your daring quest to escape captivity. With ten challenging prisons to navigate, you’ll need to sneak, craft and fight for your way to freedom! The Escapists 2 is breaking out with more crafting, combat and convict customisations as you evade captivity…again! With up to 4 player Jump online or gather round a couch with up to 3 other criminals for online or local multiplayer. You’ve done the crime, but can you avoid doing the time? Enjoy 2 player local split screen co-op or online with up to four convicts!

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Lost Legacy

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Thanks @BuzzDuraband , appreacite the effort.
Thanks @BuzzDuraband and @Brutes I have just grabbed Unravel Bundle from Watford as it was on my "games that I must play" list and at that price is an amazing deal.
Unravel Yarny Bundle is currently £9.99 on PS Store.
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