Unreal Deal Pack - 6 games for £27 includes Unreal 3 (PC ONLY)

Unreal Deal Pack - 6 games for £27 includes Unreal 3 (PC ONLY)

Found 18th Mar 2008
Pick up these classic PC games for a mere £27, tracking the history of Unreal - a must for all PC first person shooter fans. The older titles are really hard to get hold of, so this is a must for any fan of the series whose old cds have gone awol, or are scratched beyond repair.

Remember, you'll need to get a STEAM account first (free): steampowered.com

Unreal 2: The Awakening
Unreal Gold (Includes Unreal and mission pack: return to Na Pali, plus improved graphics for newer hardware)
Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition
Unreal Tournament 3
Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition

Individual price £48
Package price £30
limited time discount £3 (this is the bit that's only valid till 24th march)
Cost to you £27

You save - £20

EDIT: Just thought, I'm not sure if STEAM charges you tax on purchases when outside the US. If so, it may be up to 6%, which adds about another £1.60 odd to your final price. That said, this is still a good deal as some shops are still selling Unreal 3 on it's own for PC at £30.00.


Voted Cold.

Unfortunately, this is a terrible deal. For a start Steam charges V.A.T. on top which is an extra 17.5%, so that's £31.73.

Where as you can get all these games (+ a music CD) on disc for a total of just £21.98 (or £20.28 after Quidco).

Unreal Anthology - ]£9.99 from Game (+11% Quidco)
- Unreal Gold (including Return to Na Pali expansion pack)
- Unreal II: The Awakening
- Unreal Tournament (Game of the Year Edition)
- Unreal Tournament 2004 (Editors Choice Edition)
- Unreal Music CD

Unreal Tournament 3 - ]£11.99 from HMV (+5% Quidco)

I am pretty dissapointed that Steam are charging this much. Usually they offer a pretty good deal, especially with their multi-gme packs, but not this time. :-(

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Ouch, I thought that was a great deal as well.

Good spot on Unreal Anthology, hadn't realised that was so cheap these days - likewise with Unreal Tournament 3.
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