Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's Edition £4.97 PC

Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's Edition £4.97 PC

Found 20th May 2009
As above, not sure there will be much stock in all the stores because there was only 2 copies left in the Mile End Road branch.

Happy hunting!!!


Not been in my local PCW (Bury) for a week or so but they've had a stack of these on the shelf for a while. I think you can put the serial into Steam too (though I expect that ties it to your account for good which is the main problem with that).

This is an excellent game and great fun when played online. I bought one a while ago with Steam at about £8, so this is a good price.
I would highly recommend the game - even though it is getting old now - because I always come out of a gaming session with a big grin on my face. Pure shoot at everything that moves game.
Tying it in to Steam is not a bad thing. Not sure why you see a problem with that Jaffo!
Heat added.
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