Unreal Tournament 3 - PC version - £14.98 @ Gamestation
Unreal Tournament 3 - PC version - £14.98 @ Gamestation

Unreal Tournament 3 - PC version - £14.98 @ Gamestation

just browsing through GS and decided to buy Spiderman 3 on Xbox 360 when i saw this:


best price that i've seen it at. Dunno if this reflects instore price, it probably won't. I know Game had it on offer at £20 the other day.

don't forget +£1 for delivery too

Epic Games has quite a pedigree when it comes to its Unreal Tournament series, and the third instalment is no let-down. With on and offline options a-plenty, a vast arsenal of deadly weaponry, and the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 toolset with which to design your own mods, Unreal Tournament 3 (UT3) pulls out all the stops.

UT3's Campaign mode features a compelling single player experience that follows the adventures of Ronin, a team of mercenaries out for revenge on those who destroyed their home colony. In Campaign, you can choose a difficulty level and a Private or Public game, the latter advertising your game locally. While playing through the single player campaign, certain in-game objectives will award you cards. These cards can be played before a mission to tweak the rules of the game. Some will give your team additional reinforcements, while others will hurt your opponents. Also available in single player mode is Instant Action, where you jump right in against computer-controlled Bots, in a selection of games including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Vehicle Capture the Flag, Duel and Warfare.


this isnt a freebie, this should be posted in the deals forums

yes, voted cold because it is not a freebie...

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freebie? i didn't class it as a freebie.

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your voting it cold just because of a silly error? you sad gits.

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