Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 £4@ HMV

Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 £4@ HMV

Found 9th Mar 2011
Be quick, there's normally only a few at these prices


Give me the original on PC any day.<3

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Now adds to basket at 22.99. Please expire.

Unreal tournament goty for the pc is still one of favorite fps. I have this for my ps3, the MP mode is on par with COD in my opinion

Hmv are sh1te these days. This happened yesterday with heavenly sword. I got an email confirmation saying my order had been placed at £3.50, and today my order has been cancelled.

I'll be avoiding hmv in future. No wonder they're in trouble.

They also cancelled medal of honour airborne last week.



I'll be avoiding hmv in future. No wonder they're in trouble.

I suspect it's the other way round, in that them being in trouble has had them laying off tonnes of staff members, rendering their services even harder to operate.

I got this for 1.99 from gamestation a long while back.

its very good game. Fast game play and controls are spot on.

:-) multiplayer is good as well.

Check out gamestation

Load of Free DLC to from the PSN store to

Used to love unreal might dig it out again hot for me

yeah i love this game i got it a few weeks ago from tesco for £3.20 when they had their 20% off games code. was brand new and sealed too. the multiplayer is great but its such a grind.
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