Unreal Tournament III (Xbox 360) - £7.73 @ The hut + Quidco
Unreal Tournament III (Xbox 360) - £7.73 @ The hut + Quidco

Unreal Tournament III (Xbox 360) - £7.73 @ The hut + Quidco

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Cheapest I could find on this. Goes down to £7.15 with the More Than discount, and don't forget to add Quidco too for a further 5%

Unreal Tournament 3 marks the return of the world's premiere first-person shooter taking graphics, gameplay and challenge to a whole new level!
Choose from a vast arsenal of brutal weaponry and all-new, lethal Necris vehicles.
Defend humanity from the Necris invasion in the new single player campaign!
Compete offline and online including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, the all-new Warfare mode and more!
Run and gun with new features exclusive for Xbox 360 (2-player split screen, new characters, 5 additional maps).


Hot I bought one, thanks. What is More than discount?

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Hot I bought one, thanks. What is More than discount?

If you have a More Than insurance policy, you can get 7.5% off anything you buy at The Hut.


Thanks man.

And if you are a Steam user - you can use the key on this to register via Steam to let it do the management of the game rather than having to download the patches yourself.

Hot deal, but I thought it was a lousy game. Maybe I'm just stuck in the past, but I just found nothing in this that was anywhere near as much fun as UT2004. Well, apart from the giant stompy death mechanoid, anyway. Apart from that though, not much that I enjoyed.

I think I saw this for just under a fiver in a local PC World over the weekend.

horrible controls on the 360 version.

probably because its just a direct PC - PS3/360 port.

Get this on PC. Still a hot deal deal though :thumbsup:

great fun pretty damn good price too

voted hot

I run a "few" online gaming servers.
I got less hits on my UT3 server in one month than I get in one day on any of my UT2004 servers.
I closed the UT3 server.
Aside from that ... a rather buggy ill thought out game.

If you're into UT2004, you'll not bother playing UT3 for long

Not voted hot or cold

you can get it for £6.26 from here thegamecollection.net/unr…tml use the code STUDENT10% and go through google checkout

it says preowned but the last game i got from there preowned was in mint condition just an alternative

Really enjoyed it on 360, had previously bought it on PC and couldn't get into it because i've not spent years of my life playing FPS so was just getting murdered right left and centre.

Finished the single player 'mode' (basically a bunch of deathmatches against bots) eventually, was good if not a bit difficult on some node capture matches.

But only problem is there's hardly every anyone online, and once you've been hammering COD:WaW all week, the controls on this feel awkward. I do think it plays better on 360 than PC though, does feel like a console shooter, bit like Timesplitters or similar.

This game is an excellent no-******** old-school fps. A great price, though not much lower than other places.

come-on, can't you even say bull-s.h.i.t? Well I guess this page is based in the country that censored the word "spastic" from Mario Party 8. Sweet Jebus.


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