Until Dawn (PS4) £18.99 Delivered @ Base

Until Dawn (PS4) £18.99 Delivered @ Base

Found 10th Dec 2015
4% cashback.

When eight friends become trapped on a remote mountain getaway gone wrong, things quickly turn sinister and they start to suspect they aren’t alone. Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, you’ll be forced to make snap decisions that could mean life or death for everyone involved. Every choice you make while playing as each of the eight friends – even the seemingly trivial ones – will carve out your own unique story.

With spine-tingling performances from a Hollywood cast including Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Nashville) brought to life with the power of PlayStation 4 – your actions alone will decide who survives Until Dawn.
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Still debating breaking the "no more ps4 games before Christmas" rule I set myself :P

How long is the game roughly?

Still debating breaking the "no more ps4 games before Christmas" rule I … Still debating breaking the "no more ps4 games before Christmas" rule I set myself :PHow long is the game roughly?

Is it a good game been debating on getting it for the other half


Well at least it's not a 50 hour plus open world game, still got like 7-8 of those to finish from this year

I'll consider it, heat
great game,very underrated,and a great price
I enjoyed playing as Hayden, made sure to keep her alive lol.
Great price
Really enjoyed it, played through twice so far and still not saved them all
Very good game for the price. Buy it now! Played through four times to Platinum.
About 8 hrs to complete with great replay value
thanks, was stuck as what to get my son for xmas, but he has just got a PS4 and this is his type of game, and the good comments of it on here made my mind up
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Brilliant game with a lot of replay value. Feels good running through the woods and being able to stop the guys and gals from doing the inevitable "slip whilst being chased" routine. Proper good scares too, especially with headphones.

Saved 5/8 on my first playthrough. Now I need to save em all then kill em all for trophies
good game, easy platinum
Heat from me - great game.
Amazon has price matched.
Bought this for £20 and ended up returning it as the Black Friday sale really cleared me out. Plus I have Fallout 4 on the go - and only 2 hours in.
Every day I see this game going a pound cheaper! If I buy it now I won't have time to play it anyway I might as well wait a little bit more xD
why aren't any of my comments going through ahhh
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