Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (PS3) £10.99 inc P+P DVD.CO.UK
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (PS3) £10.99 inc P+P DVD.CO.UK

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (PS3) £10.99 inc P+P DVD.CO.UK

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If you ever played Champions of norrath or Baldurs Gate Dark Aliiance on PS2 this game is very similar and really not that bad. Typical Hack and Slash, Its a bit light on being able to customize characters but Online and Offline Coop with four people is great fun. And the graphics, sound etc are really pretty good.

PS3 game that is actualy pretty good for £10.99 I highly recommend

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Ordered this from CD-Wow last week for £9.99 - doesn't seem to be on their site any more, so if you missed out then, this is a great price. Don't forget Quidco!

but is this a good game?

Not a bad game really. At approx £10 though, it is a good game.

Its a great price for a PS3 game.

But my friend has it and its not very good, I give it 5/10.

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A kingdom in a downfall, a group of heroes who know the truth and set out to correct what they once believed it. It's a tired and clichéd plot but it does its job without being too serious. There isn't a whole lot of character development either.

Graphics in this game are amazing. Character models are top notch, if not a bit lacking in variety but every level seemed to have at least one new enemy excluding bosses which was nice. The areas are large enough, look great. Really impressive visuals all around. Cut scenes could have been better but they have their own unique visual flair to them.

Sound in the game is okay. Voice work got the job done without sounding too cheesy. Music was pretty good as well but far from epic. It fit the game well enough though. Sound effects were nice with the clinking of weapons, rocks breaking ECT.

Untold Legends is your typical action RPG game. Run along the linear landscape and get tot eh next area. It's not as open ended as I would have liked but the areas are large, usually. Also, there are a good amount of areas to explore and when I say linear I don't be follow a path 9well there is) but you can venture off the path and search the areas.

Enemies jump out and attack you. Their AI is very set in stone and they don't think outside their tiny box. If a certain enemy is set to throw projectiles that require dodging then it will do so until you are beside it. It's a minor flaw but the game play itself is rather mindless anyway.

You can pick a character of three different classes. You get some vague options on forming their look as well. I went with a Scout because they move quickly and are okay with melee attacks and magic. I like a good well rounded character. What's to keep in mind though is that upon leveling up you receive two stat points to up your stats and one skill point to learn a new skill or to make an older skill better. It's entirely up to the player how to put these points to use.

The game features on-line play but the game is closing in on being a year old and new content has ever been released so it looks like the game is getting the shaft from Sony. It's a pretty long game and if you're looking for some mindless action RPG fun then you'll get your moneys worth in this title.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 8/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 8/10
Replay value - 8/10
Final Score - 8/10
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