Up to 1/2 price mobiles at Argos
Some examples are Samsung D600 £129.99 REDUCED TO £79.99....Sony Ericsson Z610 £169.99 REDUCED TO £84.99....Motorola K1 £249.99 REDUCED TO £99.99

There are lots of other good deals on their too!

Sorry could not do pics - only posted once before and don't know how to do pic link!
- jolesharvey


Thanks for the heads up jolesharvey

Most of the reduced handsets can be had for cheaper elsewhere. But, some bargains still there + convenience of grabbing a handset from high street & inspecting before buying.

some nice phones there

what amazes me with argos though, and nobody working there has been able to tell me why, is that they limit phones to one per customer. i needed matching phones for my kids a while back and they simply would not sell me two. i ended up going next door to a phones4u and buying two there instead. the salesman told me argos lost loads of sales in this manner

THE RETAILERS GET the phones at a cheaper price, however if a certain % are not registered in the uk, ie taken abroad then the retailer may have to pay money back or more likely will have to pay more for future orders, at woolworths its 2 per customer people used to want to but 20 at a time

ah! that explains it. te argos salesperson tried to use some BS about terrorists buying them, but couldn't explain why only argos had to limit the number
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