Up to 1/2 Price Sale At Great Universal - 20% off Your 1st Order

Up to 1/2 Price Sale At Great Universal - 20% off Your 1st Order

Found 21st Sep 2006
Similar sale to the Littlewoods and LXDirect ones, but maybe differing prices and stock if you're savvy.

20% off your 1st order for new customers.
Possible 8% off from quidco, (not 100% sure). On quidco, it's great universal essential and the site, and all looks identical.

If the sale does not appear when clicking through from quidco, click on the great universal logo, upper left corner

20% off thread here courtesy of Steffcip


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PS, i've tried to add 2 vouchers when i created this, but couldn't do...sorry

20% off


£10 off a £50


Thanks boydent .. dont ya just love the online sales! No crowds, nobody bumping into you, no rummaging through messy clothes rails and extra discounts :-D

Dont know whats up with adding the vouchers tried it myself with no luck too! :roll:

I am after Sharp R958SLM Microwave and I tried to order using discounts (existing customer) without luck but I phoned LXDirect who turned out to be unhelpful:(

Having checked the Great Universal, I was rather shocked to see the price !


Compare with LXDirect

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


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Have to agree with ya there Cat, nowt worse than sales in shops. Lol, i always smile when i see the queues at Next, never understood why you'd queue for 4 hours, to be herded in like sheep to buy a stripey multicolour jumper you'd not be seen dead in

Gazman. That's the beauty of this site, is you can see how similar shops work, and posts like your's help us too see who is best and who is ripping us off
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