Found 9th Nov 2008Made hot 19th Nov 2008
Debenhams are having a Christmas event from 8am on Wednesday 19th November to 10pm Friday 21st November.

Stores will stay open until Midnight on Wednesday and Thursday

10% off all Cosmetics and fragrances
Up to 25% off all Womenswear
Up to 20% off all Womens Accessories
Up to 25% off all Lingerie
Up to 25% off all Menswear
Up to 20% off all Mens Accessories
Up to 25% off all Childrenswear
Up to 25% off all Home
Up to 20% off all food gifts
Up to half price on all furniture plus an extra 10% off
20% off all games and Toys
Half Price on all crackers, gift wrap and christmas cards


Hope this is on-line too, as Debenhams usually still accept discount codes and free delivery codes on sale items, plus quidco. I could save some on the mountains of xmas gifts I have to buy!!

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It says "shop online at Debenhams.com"


It says "shop online at Debenhams.com"


I shall be having a look anyway, i'm sure i'll find a free hour

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different dates

Starts today! :thumbsup:

Just after 9am and the items I wanted to buy are not discounted :x

Can't even get on the site.

Just been to the store and got all but one of the items I wanted. Nothing less than 25% off. ELC Bluebell Boot half price. I tried online last time and was really annoyed when they failed to deliver 2/3 of my order despite being "in stock" for days after the order was placed. Major problems getting my bill correct too. Would never try the online option during a "spectacular" again...!

20% off the top I wanted, plus used the free delivery and 5% off listed in the vouchers section :thumbsup:. Orignal price £70 down to £53.20 delivered. Time will tell if it arrives I suppose!

If you use this code PCBP you can get an extra 5% off your total!
and use this code SHA1 for free delivery too!

Hope this helps

How convenient that their site goes down during the sale

Oops, looks like I missed this post when I posted the same thing this morning!
Site will probably be up a bit later, usually falls over during the rush
I bought a cheap kids coat yesterday, 6-9 months, at £just over £6 after discount!

Keep getting a blank page at checkout... spent hours filling my basket too. Not happy.

Big notice on their website saying that they are sorry that it is down! Try later...

Must be some good buys, typical!

Typical, Debenhams site is down and so is Quidco!!!

The Debenhams customer call centre states it will be up and running within the next hour!

It has emptied my basket twice, still can't get to checkout...driving me nuts.

Given up.


Thanks for the reminder :thumbsup:


Just after 9am and the items I wanted to buy are not discounted :x

always the way with these things, then after you buy them they go down in price, that is how it seems to me anyway


Given up.

Seriously come back when the site is up......

Debenhams suck

i would not even get on their website, any way, i might try to order via phone calls

but to be honest,debenhams customer service /delivery service is really slow ....I had problems with them a few time for on line shopping. Just hope this time their on line sales stuff won't be return goods again....(last time I brought a digital photo frame, when it's delivered it's obviously opened and scratched ,makes feel so cheap).... any way, good luck everyone

The OP needs to change their title as i'm sure this has been extended to Saturday now:)

Debenhams sale is a waste of time mrs as been in its all overpriced anyway :-D

I was heading to Debenhams at lunch time but stopped off at John Lewis first. John Lewis had lowered their prices to be comparable with their "competitor", obviously Debenhams.

I bought a Citizen watch with 20% off and 2 cute Radley coin purses for £12 each after discount. Turns out Debenhams didn;t have the watch I wanted anyway, and that the coin purses were working out at £13.50 each after discount in Debenhams. So, I suggest that a trip INSTORE** to John Lewis might just net you the same, if not a better bargain.

**Not online as far as I am aware.


Typical, Debenhams site is down and so is Quidco!!!

Quidco is back...but the site is still down for me. :x

Site is still down, being trying all day!! :x


I find it amazing that an unavailable website can get this hot.

Think I may have found a 'back door' into the site, and it all works (just about). It is a bit slow, and sometimes takes some patience, but it seems ok.

Go via the weddings website to get in, and then just click whichever category you want. I've only tried Mens, as that is all I want. Hope it works for some of you!


Alternatively, I think this might be a direct link to the sale, not totally sure if it will work though:


EDIT: Think that may be a link to clearance items. Sale if of course (up to) 25% off every item...

With a lot of patience I have managed to order 2 dresses and also got the extra 5% and free del. Fingers crossed they come.

Cheers for the backdoor.

Got the cardigan my dad wanted for half price with free delivery and a further 5% off.

I still haven't managed to get onto the site... I have been trying all day

Tried to do that and twice it has taken me to the end (entering card details) then it crashes!! Been trying all day and very fed up!!:x

The store in the new Westfield Shopping Centre was packed and it's open till midnight!

Everything instore is discounted, by at least 10% (including electrical and beauty/perfumes etc.). They have some items in each section at 50% off.

Excellent deal, especially if you like some of the designer stuff, most of that is between 20% and 25% off.

are a ny codes working?

Can't get past stage 2 of checkout, so not sure what codes are working.
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