Up to 25% off Winter styling @ ASOS
Up to 25% off Winter styling @ ASOS

Up to 25% off Winter styling @ ASOS

To date Ive been absolute rubbish at this and dont think Im getting any better as dispite reading about uploading images I still dont have a clue how to or what Im doing so sorry bout no image maybe someday when Im about 60 - 28 years from now- I might actaully learn how to do it. Anyway there is

Up to 25% off any of the following Winter Styling Clothes, Footwear and Accessories:-

Day Dresses
Shoe Boots

If you spend over £75 its free delivery and returns


Lol, & i thought it was just me!!! I can get the image on but the link always appears broken!!! Heat from me.

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Thank god for that then u dont happen to be blonde like me do u lol:-D I honestly have a clue what Im doing for links I go to website where deal is being offered and copy the name from the top bar thingy at very top of page - great at computer jargon and knowledge too:thumbsup: Anyway thanks for your lovely thread think its first nice one Ive had rest took pee out of my posts thank god Im irish and av got thick skin cos some of them were bit nasty, well enough for me to want to knock them out anyway lol Again thanks speak to you again soon

Well I'm blonde and this is what I do (might be wrong but seems to work). Google an image of what you are posting. Click to make it full size then cut and paste the URL into the bit where it asks for image link. Maybe someone else can explain better. But that's my blonde version.

If you right click on any picture.
Select properties.
Copy the 'Address (URL)' into the image box on your post.

Good luck

...or you could save the image then upload to an image host like TinyPic and get the URL from there. It's how I do it anyway. :P

Nice deal although I haven't found anything I like.
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