Up to 30% off 2016 Bikes at Evans Cycles
Up to 30% off 2016 model bikes (Hybrid / Mountain / Road) at Evans Cycles. Big savings, particularly on the higher value bikes.

Mountain Bikes >‌ evanscycles.com/off…ory

Road Bikes >‌ evanscycles.com/off…ory

Hybrid Bikes >‌ evanscycles.com/off…ory

0% finance on bikes of £500 as well. That's my Xmas present sorted...


While you're getting your Xmas present ,you might as well get mine too.
Not too bothered which full carbon, full Ultigra road bike you get me
Edited by: "pvfc247" 24th Sep 2016

Can't see any decent bargains here, might be worth waiting a bit longer. 30% off isn't that much and a lot of the bikes are only 15%.

Mind you, post-referendum prices will shoot up next year!
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