Up to 4 free O2 sim cards on O2 Unlimited with free calls & texts + 15p quidco per sim.

Up to 4 free O2 sim cards on O2 Unlimited with free calls & texts + 15p quidco per sim.

Found 16th Apr 2008
Sign up to O2's new 'Unlimited' P&G tariff online and you can get up to four free sim cards.

If you top up with £10 you will then get unlimited free texts to all other O2 numbers.

Top up with £15 and you get free calls & texts to O2 numbers.

Calls to any other numbers are 25p/min for the first 3 mins/day then 5p/min for the rest of the day.

If you already have an O2 Pay & Go sim, you can switch to O2 Unlimited by texting LINK to 21300.

Sign up through quidco for 15p per sim.

On top of that, you can win VIP tickets to the O2 wireless festival when you top up any amount.

I hope this hasn't been posted already, but couldn't find it anywhere. I thought it's a pretty good deal!


dont forget quidco

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I don't personally use quidco, however, so hopefully I found the right info.

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How much would it cost to get a Nokia 2310 unlocked? This new tariff sounds pretty interesting as they don't try n charge you 40p a min!

Should be free - try tryktill.com

EDIT: that should be trycktill.com, but they don't do 2310. Sorry

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@ timothyw9:

You can probably do it free yourself with a bit of online researching, or about a tenner to get someone else to do it for you.

I know this isn't PAYG but it's an even better deal,
Just phoned O2 to cancel my sim only contract, £15 a month for 220 mins 400 texts,
"retentions" couldn't help so asked for address for O2 disconnections, sent the letter yesterday last post, today recieved a call from the "real retentions", they asked what I would need to stay with O2, I said I am leaving because Orange are doing a better deal 325 mins 100 texts, They would need to match it or I was leaving so he came back to me with this offer,
18 month contract,
online £30 for £15 per month,
400 mins, 1000 texts, plus O2 treats extra 20 mins
£180 cashback, (equal to first 12 months free), for not taking a new phone
O2 to O2 free,
Free itemised billing (normally £1),
So I took the deal, what a bargain.
Saved a total of,
£15 discount on online £ = £270
saved by not taking a new mobile = £180
itemised billing = £18
total saved £468 over 18 months!!
that works out as £90 for 18 month contract,
[COLOR="Red"]that is just £5 a month.[/COLOR]:w00t:

I've found a thread on "money saving expert" "what you can blag by threatening to leave"
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