Up to 4 Mates O2 SIMs !!
Up to 4 Mates O2 SIMs !!

Up to 4 Mates O2 SIMs !!

Give your mates something to really smile about

If you want a sure fire way to make your friends smile, it’s now even easier than ‘knock knock…’ With O2, you can give up to four of your mates a free SIM card with 300 free UK texts, worth up to £30* every month. Who wouldn’t smile at that?

Just give us your details below before the 30th August 2006 and the free SIM cards will be on their way. Then choose up to four friends to enjoy the happiness caused by 300 free UK texts.



the forum doesn't show animated gifs

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[SIZE=2]GIF files with animations are accepted in the forum. I hope you RC & saved the header as GIF. If you post the link in a browser, you will see that there is no animation. Hence you didnt see any...[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Good attempt though :wink: [/SIZE]

what about now :D:D:D

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[SIZE=2]Well done mate :-D [/SIZE]

I didn't see this post when I searched, but I never went back as far as August

This is one has been "live" and ongoing for some time now. It could have been posted in the old forum even
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