Up to 40% off selcted winter coats at boohoo

Up to 40% off selcted winter coats at boohoo

Found 25th Nov 2008
Title says it all really and sale items usually work with money off codes so could gte even more off. Some really lovely coats
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Thanks just order myself (yet another) winter coat! Damn you hot deals
Thanks x
hi girls

if you put in CMP001 you will get 20% off aswell...

Happy Christmas shopping for yourself... :santa:
someone pick me an xmas gift coat for the gf.
I'm boggled by their sizings - I'm size 10 but according to their charts I'm too big for a size 14? :?

Anyone know if it's easy to send stuff back, I'd be tempted to take a chance if I knew i could send a coat back that didn't fit
out of all of them I think this is a nice for for ur missus - boohoo.com/Hig…782
Damn it, more money spent :-D

- Under £40 for 2 winter wool coats? would have to be seriously **** to not be worth a shot! Thanks OP and Bexxa for the 20% code, H&R to you both & one Christmas Present to myself :thumbsup:
Just received my winter 'wool' coat. Looks suspiciously like a black sparkly dress??? Has anyone ever had any problems receiving the correct goods before? Are they ok for exchanges and refunds?
Just got mine and they're both going back - one is actually really nice but the sleeves are a bit too short for the style of the coat. Shame as it's pretty nice styling for the money.

The other one is a bit rubbish & not as nice as the picture made it look, it looks really flimsy and cheap.
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I have bought stuff from them before.. some stuff is rubbish and some is ok. Easy enough to send back but usually takes about a week or so to get your money back, Direct phone number if you have a problem

ok for high fashion stuff especailly if it is out of fashion next year...
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