Up to 50% discount Furniture Event + 15% discount @ BHS online !

Up to 50% discount Furniture Event + 15% discount @ BHS online !

Found 27th Apr 2008
Up to 1/2 price furniture event @ BHS online..

Use code QUIDCO2 for 15% discount on £35 spend. Works on SALE items.


well i had a look and looks a lot of high priced rubbish! all it looks liek they did is put the price up by 50% then slashed it back off as quite honestly furniture is much cheaper

i have been waiting since 20th march for a bed they told me would be delivered week beginning 6th april! I have called them 5 times the week before last and three times last week and each time told they will call me back(they have once!) They are blaming the carrier-saying he hasnt called me and its their fault but BHS customer services are a load of rubbish and I would never order again from them....

Well I'm voting hot,I'm tempted to buy this table lamp I saw instore a few wks ago and its got £25 off at moment,then with the extra 15% code plus Quidco,seems good.
I think I'll squeeze in the order before the kids bathtime.

Unimpressed with the price on the merchandise on offer...

Some stuff seriously overpriced even with 50% off!!!

bargain only £999 for a cofee table!! dunno why anyone would shop at ikea!!


i must admit,i ordered a bed from there,it started off at £599 and with the reductions and the quidco reduction too,i got it to £194,its the best £194 ive spent,i did wait three weeks and heard nothing,i emailed them once heard nothing,so i emailed them again and was toldd it would be delivered the following week and it was,so a big thumbs up,cause its a cracking bed and brilliant value.


still works for 15% off £35 or so spend,QUIDCO2 not anymore

anyway the saga continues they are still messing me about-still no bed
I would def never buy from them again as you cant seem to speak to anyone who is bothered by the inferior service they are providing!! you have been warned-if you are happy for them to keep hold of your £ for over 6 weeks and more then go ahead-personally I will take my £ somewhere else in future!

If you've got a bhs card wait til next wednesday 7th may and enter holiday for 20% off all purchases (insore aswell on that day)
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